2021 Supply Chain
Threats & Opportunities

From one of the fastest-growing digital companies in the USA, comes a research-backed “EXECUTIVE COMPASS” that provides you comprehensive insights and monetization ideas about digital manufacturing & resilient supply chains in the post-pandemic era.

Get better control, visibility, and savings across the entire
logistics value chain with digital platforms and AI.

50% of the enterprises supply chains faced significant disruptions due to COVID-19. 33% of them face major disruptions almost every 3 years due to pandemics, natural disasters, trade wars, and geopolitical issues. Manufacturers who lacked digital capabilities to visualize and trace their supply chains, identify issues and address them with insights had to take massive hits on productions and profits.

With the rise of e-commerce, 80% of consumers will switch brands if their goods aren’t delivered on time, which puts tremendous pressure on businesses to improve their OTIF performance and SLAs.

At Rapidops, we partner with global brands to rethink and reshape their logistics with advanced digital transformation, innovation, and automation. We help our clients leverage the power of IIOT, Industry 4.0, digital twins, and analytics to help them create traceable & resilient supply chains, improve shipping processes, automate business operations, and deliver outstanding customer experiences.

Industry Segments

Unleash the full potential of Cloud, Data and AI to empower employees, engage customers
and optimize business operations.



Harness the power of digital transformation to deploy smarter, safer and more efficient services.


Fleet Management

Increase vehicle uptime and enhance customer service with smart, connected fleet management solutions.



Leverage IoT, machine learning and predictive analytics for optimizing logistics operations.


Logistics 4.0 Products

Our products help organizations discover precisely where and how they can maximize their operational resilience
and unlock opportunities for reimagination with intelligence, insights, and automation.


Multi-channel last-mile delivery platform

Seamlessly deliver products at your customer’s doorstep with an end-to-end fulfillment and delivery solution.

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Sales and marketing automation platform

Deliver personalized sales and marketing experiences to your customers with an award-winning customer management and engagement platform.


Direct-to-customer eCommerce for B2C & B2B

Create the right platforms and digital products to create exceptional customer experiences and maximize ROI.

Logistics AI

Reimagine industrial logistics and supply-chains with AI and IoT

Predict & Handle SCM delays

Reduce downtime, delays & exceptions with real-time insights and improve the accuracy of the actions with reinforcement learning.

Use intelligence to transform your warehouse ops. Optimize the routing and sorting decisions using IOT, data, and AI-powered routing engines.

Optimize and automate the inventory stock levels and re-orders based on the actual demand and consumption patterns to save millions of capital expenses while ensuring continuity of production.

Bring visibility and traceability to your supply chains. Identify new opportunities to reduce costs, improve service levels, make better sourcing decisions and minimize the time required to deliver finished products.

Improve supplier performance, reliability, and resiliency by monitoring their costs, quality, risks, delivery, dependencies, conditions, SLAs, and much more.


How our solutions help providers lead the digital disruption?

Connected Fleet

Connected Fleet

Monitor, analyze, automate, and manage your large-scale connected fleets more efficiently. Gain better fleet visibility and effective data collection and realize improved ROI.

Visual Supply Chain Network

Visual Supply Chain Network

Create connected products and expriences for improving productivity and communication at supply chain operations of all sizes.

Delivery Experiences

Delivery Experiences

Improve product delivery experiences and performance with a fully digitized solution to automate order processing, shipment planning, and real-time delivery management.

Industry 4.0 Digital Twin

Industry 4.0 Digital Twin

Build virtual instances of physical operations, processes, and products to gain resilience and optimize business performance.

Paper-less Operations

Paper-less Operations

With a streamlined process, reduced paperwork, and better access to information, improve productivity and business profitability.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Achieve significant operational efficiency, business agility and greater responsiveness to change through Robotic Process Automation.


How we help the logistics and supply-chain providers lead the digital disruption?

Data Analytics

Deliver rich data-driven insights and experiences across products and customers with analytics and AI

Enterprise Integrations

Integrate and orchestrate the silo’ed internal and external systems to reduce costs and create digital sales channels

Cloud Enablement

Create automated and cost-effective technology infrastructure on public (GCP, Azure, AWS) or private clouds

Digital Strategy

Discover and monetize digital opportunities with a proven strategy and battle-tested approach

Digital Experiences

Launch stunning and personalized shopping, service, and engagement experiences for all customers

Digital Transformation

Beat the competition and lead the market by transforming your business with technology, design, and data


Reinventing last mile delivery

How we helped a manufacturing giant to optimize and automate last mile delivery & customer experiences?