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Machine Learning

Reshape your products, people, and competitive advantage using data analytics, AI, and ML.

Use analytics and machine learning to unlock new growth and product opportunities

According to the World Economic Forum report, 463 exabytes (1,048,576 terabytes) of data will be created each day globally by 2025. Data and AI/ML have sparked a new revolution that disrupts every business in every industry.

The massive volume of data combined with cutting-edge and open source technologies in data analytics, parallel computing, and machine learning present companies with unique opportunities to reimagine their business models, deliver personalized experiences, automate processes, and reduce costs.

Our data engineers and scientists have helped global brands discover, build and monetize data-driven business opportunities. We help our clients build analytics products, platforms, and solutions that deliver actionable intelligence at a massive scale from data preparation, transformation, integration to data science and interactive visualizations.

Monetize your growing data with our advanced analytics, and AI/ML expertise in less than 4 weeks.

Transform your processes, people, products, services and conversations using actionable intelligence with our premium data analytics, AI/ML, and deep learning services.

Premium data analytics services

Deliver Personalized Experiences

57% of buyers expect companies to know what they want. Use AI/ML to deliver proactive and personalized experiences across all channels.

Improve Every Customer Interaction

Enrich each customer interaction across sales, service, and marketing with contextual intelligence, chatbots, and AI-powered assistants.

Create New Revenue Opportunities

49% of consumers shop frequently, and 34% spend more money when AI is used. Increase sales by offering customers the right offers at the right time.

The easiest way to sum up my relationship with the Rapidops team is that they make me and my team look good. They can become an extension of our internal team and translate our concepts and ideas into high-functioning software.

Chase CabanillasCIO, Flexprint

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Data Engineering

Build tailor-made data integration, analytics, and consumption platforms and solutions.

Omnichannel Platforms

Create channel-agnostic custom experiences based on your user’s needs, journeys, and behaviors in real-time.

Data Visualization Platforms

Design and develop intuitive, scalable, and extendable data visualization platforms for graph, geo, and visual data exploration.

Personalization Engines

Grow your revenue and brand loyalty with personalized products and shopping experiences unique to each customer.

IoT & Machine Analytics

Build real-time and scalable automation and data-driven products with IoT devices and events data.

Image, Text & Voice Analytics

Uncover the hidden insights from unstructured semi-structured data using computer vision and deep learning.

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Our AI/ML and Analytics technology stack

  • MLlib

  • Jupyter

  • Anaconda

  • Python

  • TensorFlow

Data Visualization
  • Kibana

  • Power BI

  • Deck.GL

  • Graph

  • React.Js

  • D3

  • Geo

Data Analytics