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Data Analytics & AI

Use data to drive decisions, efficiencies and competitive advantage

Data is the new oil. Use it to fuel growth.

Every company wants to leverage its data to improve its competitive advantage and avoid falling behind digital-native FAANGs (and new challengers) entering their industry. Additionally, the global pandemic has turned digitization, data, and AI/ML into the top strategic priorities from the board rooms to busy floors.

While enterprises continue to build their data lakes, DMPs, meshes, warehouses, or lakehouses in the cloud, they are still struggling to harness the true power of data (and ROI). The migration to the cloud merely improves access to data and tools. But the hard (and smart) work of discovering the right use cases, enriching and analyzing data, generating intelligence, and building data-driven experiences to drive business outcomes is still left for us humans to figure out. It's the most significant barrier to unlocking the value of their data.

As an end-to-end data and AI partner, we help our clients discover new opportunities, design future-proof data strategies and build solutions that turn as-is data (of any shape, size, or structure) into knowledge and actionable intelligence. It helps automate processes, create personalized experiences, make better decisions and achieve a competitive edge.


Our Services

Data Strategy

Use case discovery, data audits, platform and tool selection, data roadmap, cost, and capacity planning, execution strategy

Data Engineering

End-to-end data architecture, modeling, ETL, integration, warehousing, analytics, and insight delivery

Data Visualization

Power BI apps, insight generation, custom visualizations, data product development, graph, geo, and real-time data analysis

Predictive Analytics

Real-time personalization, recommendation system, scoring engines, proactive monitoring and alerting, reinforcement learning

Personalization Engines

Grow your revenue and brand loyalty with personalized products and shopping experiences unique to each customer

IoT & Machine Analytics

Build real-time and scalable automations and data-driven products with IoT devices and events data

Image & Video Analytics

Object detection, face recognition, text and figure extraction, cognitive search, DL & RNN modeling, and automated image generation

NLP & Chatbots

Document automation, text extraction, data labeling, deep learning, NLP, chatbots, speech analysis, AI-powered search

Endless possibilities that are hidden in your data

  • 1

    Offer personalized customer experiences

    57% of buyers expect companies to know what they want. Grow your sales and loyalty by delivering personalized experiences to each customer at the right time on the right channel.

  • 2

    Automate business processes

    Fight labor shortages, reduce errors, boost productivity and improve business outcomes by automating manual and repetitive processes using software, AI, ML, bots, and RPA.

  • 3

    Improve sales and marketing

    Connect the dots across the entire customer journey to generate better leads, understand customer behaviors, find up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, and reduce customer churn.

  • 4

    Make better and insightful decisions

    Integrate, analyze and visualize your as-is data to find opportunities to reduce risks, eliminate bottlenecks, improve resource allocation and build winning strategies.

  • 5

    Create new revenue opportunities

    Launch smart, proactive, and self-learning products and services that offer unique value to your customers thanks to ML, NLP, and the massive amount of data.

Data Health Assessment

Let us examine your current data practices, identify gaps, spot early-wins and help device the actionable strategy to monetize your data with our proven Data Health Assessment program.

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Rapidops is our exclusive data and analytics partner. From strategy to analytics to AI/ML, we use them to integrate our silos, deliver intelligence and automate complex operations.

Rafael C. CIO / Cook & Boardman Group

Our approach to data monetization

While most enterprises have adopted the cloud, only a handful are realizing the ROI with their analytics and AI initiatives. Turning data into actionable intelligence at desired scale, speed and accuracy is not an easy task. Enterprise needs to make many decisions - which data to use, tools to deploy, architectures to adopt, models to train, and the list goes on. This is where we help clients establish the right tools, talent, architectures, security standards, and processes that will empower them to be data-driven.

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