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How we design, build & deliver

Our approach to delivering outstanding software by blending ideas, design, technology and customer-first thinking.

Our approach

Value Creation

It is important to create more customer value than cranking out code. We deeply understand client’s vision, customer needs and business goals and keep them in the front and center to ensure that our work results in meaningful impact for the business.

Hungry & Unstoppable

World’s successful software are delivered by small, hungry, and fast-moving teams. And we are that team for our clients. Sense of urgency, iterative delivery, continuous learning and unwavering commitment to success are the traits we bring to the table.

Full-stack, Fully-managed

We’re not a body shop. We deploy a dedicated team of full-time employees for each client. From vision to strategy to launch and growth, we take 100% ownership. Our leaders are involved in each project and take responsibility of its success.

User-centric Design

Design is more than just look and feel. We craft beautiful, intuitive and accessible interfaces with a deep understanding of clients' business and their customers. We incorporate research, feedback and analytics to enable a simple and engaging experience for each user.

Quality Engineering

Bad practices and lack of discipline are dangerous to the pace and quality of software. Our team follows battle-tested processes and practices that we devised over 14 years to ensure continous delivery of premium quality and future-proof software in days (not months).

Iterative Delivery

The only way to build successful software is to put it in the hands of real users and get their feedback. We ship real software as frequently as every two weeks to analyze its performance, measure the impact, eliminate the guesswork and iterate quickly.


Us and our clients’ employees as one unified team with a singular focus. When clients work with Rapidops, they benefit from our technology, process and delivery experiences. We often help our clients establish their engineering teams, processes and culture.

True Partnership

We are open, transparent, and proactive. We are not afraid to say no and share our perspectives to improve the end results. Our track record of consistently exceeding client expectations allows us to earn referrals, repeat business, friendships, and strategic partnerships from our clients.

Agile process

We are always focused on delivering more (and measurable) business impact in less time and effort. That is why we love our agile process - shipping software frequently (every two weeks), getting real feedback, and improving with each iteration. It offers massive advantages such as planning flexibility, shorter time-to-market, fewer bottlenecks, and consistent velocity.