Unlock Fresh Food &
Deli Experience

rapidFRESH is an end-to-end fresh food and grocery platform to enable your AI-powered, modern, and hyper-personalized shopping experience for your customers.

Digital revolution is pushing businesses of every size and shape
in all industries to reimagine their strategy and growth.

Consumer expectations for digital shopping have been hitting a steady streak for years, but most brick and mortar retailers were still early in establishing their digital shopping and delivery services. However, the pandemic has changed traditional retail forever and unleashed the entire decade’s digital transformation in less than a year. 72% of consumers have grown their appetite and need for online and contactless shopping. Retailers have no choice but to enable digital shopping and personalized experiences unprecedentedly to survive and thrive in the new world.

At the forefront of retail and technology, Rapidops helps retailers to invent their digital future where innovation, automation, and experience are vital to lead and succeed. Our products and services enable retailers to quickly launch omnichannel and personalized retail experiences that exceed consumer expectations, drive loyalty, and unlock new avenues for revenue growth.

Industry Segments

Unleashing the growth potential of retailers in different segments with digital, data, and design across various industry segments


Grocery Retailers

Implement new business models to keep pace with shifting consumer behavior and better manage the supply chain and delivery.


Direct to Consumer

Develop the right platforms and digital strategy to own direct customer relationships with outstanding experiences and ROI.


Department Stores

Leverage technology to provide a personalized shopping experience and meet the changing demand of digital-savvy customers.


Retail Products

Out-of-the-box products and platforms that help retailers lead the digital disruption
driven by consumers and new normal.


Enable Omnichannel Shopping

Create seamless and personalized shopping experiences across web, mobile, and stores with our end-to-end digital ordering, fullfilment, and analytics solution for grocery retailers.


Digitize the Fresh Food Commerce

Generate more revenue for your fresh food departments such as deli, meat shop, bakery with a complete solution for online ordering, fulfillment, pick-up, and delivery.


Enterprise B2C eCommerce

Boost your sales with our unified, secure, and modern B2C eCommerce platform that connects your business with consumers anywhere and anytime.

Retail AI

Use power of data and AI to unlock new growth opportunities.

Out of Stock Detection

Leverage the power of AI to eliminate the need to check shelves, prevent lost sales opportunities, and halt customer complaints due to out-of-stock items by keeping the shelves filled.

Deliver Personalized Experiences

Rapidops help retailers with a next-gen foundation to enable omnichannel eCommerce, personalized shopping and delivery services in a matter of months.

Cross Sell Opportunities

Unleash the power of on-demand shopping experiences to improve sales with offers, complementary products, and promotions as customers shop at stores or apps.

Inventory Optimization

Avoid overstocks, product obsolescence, and lost sales and achieve intelligent forecasts that represent the actual demand using predictive data analytics.

Supply Chain Optimization

Improve operational margins and customer experiences by optimizing order fullfilments using AI-powered technologies to automate order picking, order routing, drone deliveries, and much more.

Retail Solutions

Enabling retail businesses to survive and thrive in the digital age

Last-mile Delivery Automation

Last-mile Delivery Automation

Deliver products at your customers' doorstep with an end-to-end fulfillment and delivery solution.

Scan & Go Mobile Checkout

Scan & Go Mobile Checkout

Reduce the checkout queues and costs at the store by enabling customers to shop and pay from their phones.

Shoppable Recipes

Shoppable Recipes

Enable new shopping behaviors by letting customers shop all ingredients required in a recipe with a single click.

Curbside Pick-up

Curbside Pick-up

Allow customers to place the order online, enable store staff to prepare the order quickly, and hand it to the customers at the curbside.

Customer Loyalty Program

Customer Loyalty Program

Roll out your own multi-channel loyalty program that improves retention and creates customers for life.

Omnichannel Experiences

Omnichannel Experiences

Enable omnichannel experiences for each customer to drive digital sales across all channels while growing sales.

Dark Stores

Dark Stores

Automate order fulfillment and optimize store efficiency with real-time inventory management and delivery solution.

In-store Product Locator

In-store Product Locator

Help your customers find the right products quickly with guided in-store navigation and aisle locator.

Digital Pharmacy

Digital Pharmacy

Create a positive, seamless customer experience by making your digital pharmacy ready for modern customer journey.


Our tailor-made solutions and services to help you monetize digital opportunities