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A fresh take on online grocery shopping

How we helped Harris Teeter transform
grocery shopping?

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Harris Teeter (‘HT’) is one of the largest grocery chains in the southeast United States with millions of customers and billions of dollars in revenue.

With the digital wave disrupting the retail industry, Harris Teeter wanted to be the market leader by reshaping customer experiences across all channels - web, mobile, email and stores.

Harris Teeter’s old mobile and website experiences.

Harris Teeter’s digital infrastructure was fragmented with legacy systems, third-party apps, and old user interfaces. Many systems were rigid and prevented HT from using the latest tech, design, and data to deliver personalized and connected experiences that could transform their business. Harris Teeter partnered with us to deliver on the digital ambitions that later made them a leader in digital retail.

Omnichannel Experiences Platform

Based on customer and market research, we found that customers want a fast, integrated, and intuitive shopping experience across all channels - mobile, web, and stores - that aligns with their grocery shopping habits. We worked with the HT team to devise an aggressive omnichannel strategy and roadmap to build the eBusiness platform and transform all existing customer-facing channels.

The platform integrated 20+ legacy and third-party systems to offer 400+ cross-channel digital and analytics services through APIs to seamlessly power all customer-facing channels - web, mobile, and stores.

We orchestrated all dependencies into a reusable Omnichannel API platform to create a consistent and integrated experience across web, mobile, and store. We displaced multiple internal systems and launched new digital products and services with a marginal cost and effort.

A Fresh Online Shopping Experience

Digital shoppers expect companies to offer personalized products and experiences to satisfy their unique needs. The new web experience offered customers a curated selection of products and promotions based on their personal shopping behaviors. It also allowed them to browse and search the entire inventory at their nearby stores.

Next-gen Content Management System

Harris Teeter’s website was built with legacy Microsoft tech and it was time to redesign the web shopping experience for its millions of loyal customers. As the mainstream channel, the website also included corporate profiles, marketing initiatives, community programs, and many additional services, and we had to exceed expectations for all stakeholders.

Together with the HT team, we worked hard to understand various user groups’ needs and evaluated multiple options. Within 3 months, we launched a beautiful content management system and personalized storefront that received raving reviews from all stakeholders and customers.

Rapidops’ team’s ability to understand the vision and translate it into
digital products is mind-blowing. They are smart, efficient, and
knowledgeable. They push our thinking, build high-quality
software, and deliver the results.

Senior Manager, eCommerce

New Experience!

Tech Savvy customers expect companies to offer personalized deals, coupons, and recommendations for a better and faster shopping experience. Customers can get customized promotions and discounts based on their past shopping behavior, enabling a better buying experience.

Grocery shopping made easy

The savvy digital users can seamlessly shop between mobile and web apps - e.g. build their shopping lists, place delivery, and pick-up orders, refill their prescriptions, and redeem coupons.

Constantly shipping new digital products and services

Since 2016, we’ve launched 30+ digital products, services, and countless innovations that continue to allow Harris Teeter to be a leader in digital retail.