What is the role of
AI in the healthcare
industry and its

Discover the marvels of modern medical science, AI, and its
role in shaping the future of healthcare.

Technology and consumer behaviors are reshaping the healthcare
industry to deliver anytime, anywhere, and personalized patient
care, now.

Like every other industry, digital and data-led revolution is redefining the business models and new opportunities in the 3.6 trillion dollar healthcare industry - not just to improve patient outcomes but also to significantly reduce costs and deliver personalized patient care remotely. Post-pandemic, the entire industry is going to be revolutionized, with a decade worth of innovation, transformation, and automation taking shape in a couple of years.

Rapidops collaborates with healthcare organizations to help them leverage innovations in tech, data, and AI to deliver innovative patient experiences, automate human-driven processes, improve provider and caregiver productivity, launch innovative products and services, and improve patient outcomes at speed, scale, and economics never possible before.

Industry Segments

Rapidops help healthcare providers to accelerate digital health with personalized, efficient and informed care through
operational transformation, patient experience, and digital consulting.



Create leading products, processes, and culture that foster healthcare innovation - we act as the catalyst.



Deliver greater value and empower customers with innovative healthcare products and operations.



Transform patient experience, drive administrative efficiency & improve quality of care through AI data analytics.


Healthcare Products

Unleash the full potential of cloud, data and AI to empower providers, engage patients and
optimize operations.


Patient Journey Engagement

Create personalized patient engagement throughout their unique care journey.


Medical Data Processing

Monitor your clinical devices and generate insights from clinical data.

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Automate Patient Engagement

Automate marketing, sales & customer outreach.

Health AI

Use power of data and AI to unlock new growth opportunities

Radiology Augmentation

Automatically identify and localize the x-rays, and CT scans abnormalities with a highly trained deep-learning-based AI imaging engine. Optimize MRI costs and efficiencies with AI image conversion.

Personalized Patient Engagement

Improve your marketing reach and effectiveness with personalized marketing for each patient and community.

Conversational Bot

Deliver fast and conversational patient experience for onboarding, engagement, and service across multiple channels with intelligent chatbots.

IOT Based Patient Monitoring

Track orthopedic and physical therapy patient’s exercise routines and compliance with sensors and machine learning.

Healthcare Solutions

Enabling healthcare providers to thrive in the digital age

Automate Patient Journey

Automate Patient Journey

Enable personalized and automated patient engagement at each stage of their unique health journey.

Connected Patient Care

Connected Patient Care

Continue to deliver care and guidance to your patients for their unique conditions anytime and anywhere.

Health Intelligence & Analytics

Health Intelligence & Analytics

Make better decisions, improve provider efficiencies, and launch data-driven experiences, products, and services.

Healthcare IOT

Healthcare IOT

Proactively monitor and analyze data from clinical and patient devices and assets with a centralized IoT analytics solution.

Patient Visit Experiences

Patient Visit Experiences

Automate paper-based processes, reduce waiting time, and deliver seamless appointment experiences.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Eliminate manual steps and errors to improve costs, productivity, and operational efficiencies with RPA.


Our end-to-end digital services to help you lead the digital disruption.

Data Analytics

Deliver rich data-driven insights and experiences across products and customers with analytics and AI

Enterprise Integrations

Integrate and orchestrate the silo’ed internal and external systems to reduce costs and create digital sales channels

Cloud Enablement

Create automated and cost-effective technology infrastructure on public (GCP, Azure, AWS) or private clouds

Digital Strategy

Discover and monetize digital opportunities with a proven strategy and battle-tested approach

Digital Experiences

Launch stunning and personalized shopping, service, and engagement experiences for all customers

Digital Transformation

Beat the competition and lead the market by transforming your business with technology, design, and data


Automated Patient Engagement

Delivering personalized and automated patient care experience.

Digital Thinking

Our experts discuss strategies for navigating the healthcare landscape


IoT is transforming the Healthcare frontier!

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