What is a Digital Ecosystem

Samir Motwani

Today the world has become a digital ecosystem. Now people do pre-research before buying any small thing. They visit your company website, to see what are your offerings. They read reviews about your products and they try to know about your after-sales services.

If you want to be a winner in this digital product ecosystem, then you have to keep these points in mind.

1. Your website should speak about you.

Websites do lack the human touch, so make them engaging as much as possible. Represent it as your best salesperson. Put everything in simple language, which is clear. As when the user has uncertainty or doubt, he leaves the website.

2. Use your research

If you get any feedback for user experience on the website, analytics data or personal comments, never ignore them get it incorporated in your web or app for a profitable business.

3. Don’t forget social networks

If your service is good, you will get appreciation if it’s bad then you will get a critic on social sites. Don’t just leave it as it is. You should know how to convert your negative points in positive. American Airlines, recently replied for there 1000s of negative tweets, about there software glitches. And they increased trust in their services, as mistakes happen. It all depends on how you rectify them.

4. Security is important

Users don’t feel to enter their credit card number of non-secured web, or in the application, to which they don’t trust. You have to meet there expectations at every level and don’t put them in some odd stage, which makes them leave your website.

5. Test your apps/web

Involve each stack user, when you are developing your app or web. Test everything and every part. Don’t assume that things will go all right. If you capture something at an early stage, you save a lot, which can go wrong.

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Samir Motwani

As an engineer turned entrepreneur, I like to mix artistic and technical things with business activities and try to produce something innovative. The motto at work: Be a rockstar at your place and don’t be robotic!!!

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