Mobile App Development

Mobile app development - an opportunity for profit & growth

With over 5 billion mobile devices across the world, mobile is becoming the preferred channel for all digital interactions. The mobile apps have the power to offer customers exactly what they want, where they want, and for as long as they want.

Every successful mobile application is built on the meticulous blend of the key ingredients:

  • Launch new products & services

    Business Opportunity

    Create tangible and measurable ROI for the business. Unravel new opportunities and embrace end-to-end mobile experience.

  • Deliver an MVP in weeks

    Customer Needs

    Offer unique value by solving for the customer. Build flawless & actionable apps that allow seamless experience.

  • Deliver outstanding experiences

    Market Research

    Understand the trends, traction, and competition. Meet the dynamic market needs and ensure exponential growth.

  • Stand out from the crowd

    Product Experience

    Craft flawless and intuitive on-demand experiences. Produce meaningful interactions and interfaces that enrich entire user journey.


The smart sales platform that is winning more deals for thousands of business


Monetize your mobile opportunity with our premium mobile app development services

Launch mobile-first products and on-demand experiences that create new growth opportunities, increase loyalty and generate digital revenue. Gain a competitive advantage through scalable mobile solutions and deliver value to your customers. Mobile app development services from RapidOps cocreate value synergistically by fusing business and technological solutions in a better way.

  • SaaS Products

    Grow Existing Business on Mobile

    Grow revenue for existing business products and services by offering them to XX billion mobile users

  • Digital Platforms

    Deliver Omnichannel Experiences

    Offer your customers seamless & personalized services across web, email, store, and mobile channels

  • Scalable b Enterprise Apps

    Increase Customer Engagement

    Create in-the-moment experiences for each customer using personalized content, notifications & analytics

  • eCommerce & Payments

    Build New On-demand MVP

    Turn your innovative idea into the next big delivery, payments, shopping, or social app

  • Interactive Data Analytics Apps

    Attract Next-generation Customers

    Lead the industry with mobile-first services that attract next-generation of mobile-savvy customers

  • Tailor-made CMS

    Increase Efficiencies with Mobile

    Automate manual business processes by building contextual IoT and operational apps

Creating mobile application success story from scratch

RapidOps has proved many times that being a mobile app development company, it becomes necessary to be up to date with the current trends of technology. This mindset has been the driving force for the organization and all the members of our team understand that users always want something unique & aesthetic. And hence, we provide an ultimate user experience (UX) along with greater UI without compromising on standards. That is the reason we are a leading app development company.

We have kept a keen eye on the web and mobile industry evolution that has taken the world by storm, and have kept our arsenal updated with cutting-edge technologies to meet the expectations of our clients who look for a perfect digital solution for their business growth.

Exponential and Comprehensive Mobile App Development Services

Having a vision for success is the first step, and there is no doubt about that. But, strategizing those ideas is very crucial, and that’s where RapidOps plays its part.

We take a consultative approach to help our clients in overcoming business challenges, unravel new opportunities and embrace our end-to-end mobile services that make our clients win the war effectively.

Our indigenous team of developers don’t just develop apps, they believe in building a perfect mobile experience.

Helping various industries to solve digital transformation challenges

  • Healthcare

    Medial & Healthcare

    Driven to solve the problems in
    healthcarewith technology & automation

  • Enterprise Ecommerce

    IT & Software

    Deliver value, solve the toughest
    problems with innovation & technology

  • Retails

    Retail & CPG

    Digitize, transform and reach the
    always-connected consumer

  • Manufacturing


    Reinventing operating models,
    production and value chains

  • Real Estate

    Real Estate

    Shaping the future of real estate
    with AI & automation

  • Logistics

    Transport & Logistics

    Fueling digital transformation for
    unprecedented growth

  • Logistics

    Tourism & Hospitality

    Digitize & gain a competitive advantage
    with technological novelties

  • Logistics

    Banking and Finance

    Enabling banks to win in the digital
    economy with predictive data analytics

  • Logistics

    Media & Telecom

    Become unbeatable leader of customer
    success with next-gen connectivity

  • Logistics


    Drive efficiencies with IoT automation,
    connectivity, & shared mobility

Our mobile application development expertise

Building engaging mobile experiences on all devices for all industries
We can augment your team with cutting-edge skills and squads at the right time at the right scale.

  • Healthcare

    iOS Apps

    Build tailor-made native apps for iPhone and iPad that are secure, flawless, and meticulously designed

  • Enterprise Ecommerce

    Android Apps

    Design and develop smartphone and tablet apps for the world’s most extensive mobile operating system, Android

  • Retails

    Cross-platform Apps

    Create one powerful app to rule both mobile platforms - iOS and Android. It saves time, effort, and money.

  • Manufacturing

    Mobile Wallets & Payments

    Launch apps that can take orders, process payments, offer rewards and automate business transactions

  • Real Estate

    Enterprise Mobile Solutions

    Launch internal and customer-facing mobile apps that securely digitize existing enterprise services with a stunning user experience

  • Logistics

    REST API Backends

    Build the robust, secure, and scalable API platforms that orchestrate existing services and powers all customer-facing apps

  • Logistics

    IoT Apps

    Launch apps that allow to operate and use IoT devices for automating the manual process in any industry or creating unique customer experiences

  • Logistics


    With 500 million+ wearable devices and counting, launch innovative apps (e.g., health and payments) for devices such as Apple and Android watches

Top-notch software engineering

Take mobile products from zero to one (and beyond)
in less than 4 weeks

We genuinely care about the quality, simplicity, and success of every single mobile product that we ship. Within the past 12 years of experience, we have developed a wide range of mobile technologies and best practices that encompasses clean architecture practices, native hardware integrations, data management, and integration with various device and third-party services to offer unique, personalized, and productive user experiences.

Leverage the most innovative technologies that allow you to ship pristine, reliable, and maintainable mobile apps that create ROI in weeks and scale to support growth as needed.

  • Rails
  • jQuery
  • Angular.JS
  • React.js
  • Flutter
  • Javascript
  • Swift
  • Kotlin

Proven and battle tested process

Agile software development

With 11 years and 200+ products, we’ve battle-tested our approach to products, people, and processes. From vision to strategy to a roadmap to delivery and beyond, we go end-to-end -no other vendor needed to fill the gaps. We stay lean, move fast, and deliver the tangible product in weeks (not the $50,000 PPT or vaporware)

What can we build for you on web?

  • Web App

    Grow your business with our end-to-end web application development services

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  • Product Design

    Unleash your business’s full potential with world-class product experience & design

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