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2021 Supply Chain Threats & Opportunities

From one of the fastest-growing digital companies in the USA, comes a research-backed “EXECUTIVE COMPASS” that provides you comprehensive insights and monetization ideas about digital manufacturing & resilient supply chains in the post-pandemic era.

Supply Chains Threats & OpportunitiesSupply Chains Threats & Opportunities

of Fortune 1000 companies experienced supply chain disruptions during the Pandemic


shrink is expected in the global economy by 2024

Get access to 70+ insights from 20+ industry sources

What’s Inside

This ‘EXECUTIVE COMPASS’ contains carefully curated and extensively researched insights for all the leaders and decision-makers in the manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain industry. As businesses are figuring out their response to the rapidly changing landscape, we have attempted to make the executives’ jobs easier by providing answers to all the questions that might be racing their minds. It will help them rethink and reshape their supply chains to be digital, resilient, and efficient.

It includes:

  • 20+ ways in which the pandemic impacted manufacturing and supply chain
  • 9 insights on industry’s response to China
  • Top 5 key focuses for the supply chain executives
  • 4 most popular digital manufacturing & supply chain initiatives
  • Top 4 hurdles that restrict building a digital and resilient supply chain
  • 15+ digital opportunities the other leaders are monetizing
  • Top 10 actionable opportunities that you need to start delivering on

Explore how Rapidops can help you monetize your digital opportunities in manufacturing and supply chain.