Key Tech Trends Driving Digital Transformation [Infographic]

Every business owner dreams of making it big! Yet, many perish in the competitive market. Some due to mismanagement of assets, fail to adjust or adapt to the trending technologies. 

The reason for avoiding digital innovation trends is majorly budget. However, the halt that the pandemic brought for many businesses and saw many others turn the table on the virus has proven that technology adoption is crucial for any business’s survival. 

Yes, you need to know the value a certain technology will bring into your business’s daily operations, ROI, and profitability. This infographic has been carefully curated to provide you with the much-needed answers that might be racing in your brain. 

Whether you are a start-up or an established enterprise, keep an eye out for the technological trends and instill them (or at least the one that is closer to benefit your organization) into your business process for achieving your goals. 

  • According to Gartner, over $3.9tn was spent on IT by companies around the world in 2019. 
  • Enterprise software is also anticipated to grow from 8.8% in 2019 to 10.9% in IT spending by 2021. 

To help you gauge the degree to which new technology trends influence businesses and their entire process, we have created an insightful infographic for you and your team.

Digital Transformation Trends Infographic

Key takeaways from this infographic for you 

Now let’s get to the takeaways that you can get from this infographic. 

Based on the statistical figure you saw above, I can be sure that pandemic or not, as a business owner, you would like to be prepared for anything unplanned! So, let’s create three themes that can help you plan your year beyond 2021. 

1. Taking a people-centric approach 

Although the pandemic changed the interaction employees have with organizations, “people” are still at the business process center. Moving forward, they require a digitalized business process. 

2. Getting independence from location 

The pandemic moved the ecosystems from where they previously existed. Business owners now need to rethink their technological dependence for supporting anywhere operations. 

3. Achieving resilient delivery 

Be it a pandemic or any other incident, such as a recession, the world needs to agree that unpredictability is present there. The business organizations that have laid their digital transformation foundation and are moving away from legacy systems will weather through the upcoming disruptions smoothly. 

Let’s share an instance that can provide further insight on how these or some of these technologies can be used for business and its processes. 

So, the pandemic is being handled by world health organizations. Employees of an industrial site have started resuming their work. Digitalization is the new normal, and now that they are back, there are a few differences in their workplace. 

  • The site now has RFIDs / Sensors which regulate the handwashing protocol. 
  • CCTVs are now replaced with advanced computer vision for checking on employees if they are wearing masks. 
  • Two-way speakers are used for communicating with the employees to warn or guide them for taking all the precautionary measures. 

This is how you can use the technologies. Although the instance was simple, you can use other technologies in this infographic to do complex tasks. 

The behavioral data mentioned in the above instance is collected and stored using blockchain technology for further future insights. 

You can create a technological mix, depending on the industry you are operating in. Not all technology is essential for every sector, but it is like talking about two faces of a coin. 

My only hope from this infographic is to help you understand the future is all about digitalization and making the best from the upcoming technology. 

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