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Top Challenges in Web App Development 2017

Sruti Raizada

The development of web applications has now matched its market demand. Thanks to the curious customer base that visit company websites, apps and the social platforms to discover more about the products, their value for money and for other product and company related details. User-friendly and swift interfaces are the need of the hour, and this demand will increase with the passing time.

But like every technology, web app development has faced a lot of challenges, and today we have shortlisted some of them.


  • Demand for simple, intuitive and user-oriented web applications has now increased. The customer will look somewhere else if their high expectations are not met.
  • Developers sometimes fail to pay attention to the navigation of websites.
  • Developers need to create applications with intuitive navigation for creating a flawless experience for the customers and keeps them hooked on to your website and web applications, hence boosting customer loyalty.

Understanding different design patterns and meeting the level of expectations is the biggest challenge for developing applications. Maintaining the excellent user experience along with ultimate user interface is rare to find out.

Framework and platform knowledge

  • Frameworks boost development languages.
  • They boost performance and offer libraries of coding.
  • They help in offering features such as API’s, models and provide various other elements to develop dynamic web applications.

Selecting the appropriate framework and developing the exceptional product is the big challenge these days which many developers fail to consider.


  • The speed at which your website loads decides if it will be able to keep the visitors with it, or they will run away faster than your website’s loading speed.
  • For your business, you should always think about the performance before developing your website or any product.
  • You can always have CDN (content distribution network) in place because it balances the server requests, channeling it via different servers.

While developing the application or a product, this is the responsibility of the developer to remember and avoid poor performance issues such as poorly written codes, traffic spikes, un-optimized databases, etc. for high-performance.

Less Scalable

Scalability has nothing to do with proper use of computers and bandwidth, nor it is about performance. It’s all about balancing the load on the server.

  • Never throw the load on a single server.
  • Design the software that can run on a cluster of servers.
  • SOA (service-oriented architecture) helps in making the website scalable.
  • Cloud computing may help to maintain product scalability.

Developing a highly scalable product for your business will contribute to grab more customers and retaining old customers. This is where the competition lies. The developer should know the fact of developing a highly scalable web applications.

Security (always has been and always will be)

Below are the security threats that every business faces with less secure applications:

  1. Cross-Site Scripting
  2. Shell Injection
  3. Buffer Overflow
  4. Session Hijacking
  5. SQL Injection

Web security is always the biggest challenge in developing the application. We would like to mention that no matter what, security should always be included throughout the development lifecycle. Web app developers should take proper measures while coding the website and make sure that they should include appropriate encryptions to safeguard their website against any such aforementioned threats.

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