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Technology Trends to Dominate 2017

We are living in the era of continuous tech revolution and it doesn’t surprise me that we are finding new ways to multi-task from a device which can fit into our hands or pockets. I am always sitting on the edge of my chair, clinging onto my desktop screen to find out what marvel the tech sector will be offered to humanity. This trend will continue in 2017 to, more integration, more connections and more automation. I just want to share some of the trends that will make us look beyond the horizon.

On-Demand will be more in Demand
We have seen many startups adopting the business mantra of “Uber of X”. For those who have not sensed this trend, here are a few examples.

  • The Uber of flowers: BloomThat
  • The Uber of laundry: Dryv, Washio
  • The Uber of grocery delivery: Instacart
  • The Uber of alcohol: Saucey

“It’s the Uber of X”. Seems like a third of new startups is either the Uber of something or have been dubbed so by the market. And that not as depraved as it appears: Uber is one of the richest companies around, with a reported valuation of $18 billion which is not so bad for a company founded in 2009.

Mobile devices have introduced technology into our daily lives. Almost everyone uses a smartphone these days, giving access to infinite information at any point of time. The smartphones have enabled online customers to buy and pick up products from a physical retail location but even further integration between physical and digital realities will take place.

Big Data
For the last five years, Big Data has been the most sought after topic in the tech world. Big data helps us in everything from planning the best finance budget to the best way of executing our campaigns. But I think it’s quantitative foundation still has weakness. I am hoping we will get to see Big Data with a touch of humanity, like a more empathetic bit of data in a more visualized way.

Even bigger Big Data
Big data will be of utmost importance to the industries. Data algorithms will change the whole industry landscape, especially the geographical information system. For example, MIT and Ford Motors recently partnered to read the cellphone location data of Bostonians, producing instantaneous traffic and transportation patterns that typically take years to build. Innovation will continue with developments in big data storage, providing much needed revolutionary agility in IT.

Data Visualization Services

Machine Learning
Machine learning has made advancements in the recent years, still it is limited to only a few applications. In the year 2017, I hope to see more machine learning updates, that too in every possible consumer application. Making the dependence of human decisions on AI a bit more realistic.

Automation will be the mainstay in and throughout the year 2017, which is a good news for the market as it will give better business opportunities. Combined with continuous strides made by machine learning, automation is one thing that I want to see grow in 2017.

Automated Finance
Automated banks will be the next disruptor in the banking sector, and looking at a recent study done by Citigroup, close to 30% of the bank jobs will be taken over by automation over the next few years. Robo-advisors will help in making split-second and crucial financial decisions with the help of big data. Fintech startups raised over $22.3 billion in funding in 2015, up 75% from 2014. I hope to see this trend keep its course steady in 2017.

AR and VR
The year 2016 saw path-breaking strides made in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology. When Oculus Rift was released in the market, it got an overwhelming response and was followed by plethora of VR apps and games. We also saw Pokémon Go, an AR game, give a new definition to gaming. We have already seen the early stage of the AR and VR; I hope to see this grow henceforth from 2017.

IoT and Smart Home Tech
I have been following this topic since my eyes fell upon a random article while browsing online and I have read many other articles which made me think if the smartphone or other connected devices in my home are thinking on their own or not. But, where is that actual smart house? Well, I see that there are millions of individual appliances and apps in the market, but very few solutions integrate it into a single, seamless user experience. I am hoping that the year 2017 will see this trend take a stride towards the same.

Actual beginning of the Internet of Everything
We will see the IoT expand in B2B and consumer market, connecting everything to everyone. In 2017, system intelligence will see a rapid growth. Especially with the introduction of the Home app from apple, and with over 100 products in the market that have been designed to work seamlessly with the Apple’s HomeKit, making the dream of living in a smart home come true where everything from security to temperature of the room can be controlled from a single app. I am also positive that wearable devices will keep “meshing” up with everything.

Continued Domination of Mobility
Mobility has taken over the market, and if we consider the data, four out of every five persons uses a smartphone for doing basic jobs like shopping to achieving their office target. The global workforce is becoming increasingly mobile, working from home, and tech software and communications will begin to reflect this in the coming time. From mobile storage for work-from-home employees to advanced security, mobility is making its presence felt on a global scale. The year 2017 will see more advancements in this field.

Ubiquitous mobile advancements, quantum computing, VR, AR, and virtual and artificial intelligence will continue to make a stride towards success. Get ready as a science fiction story unfolds in the coming few years.

I hope this piece of article was able to at least clear your doubts about dependence on Technology, if not make it vanish completely. If you have any query on any of the above trends discussed or you need any solutions related to your enterprise contact us here.

Samir Motwani

As an engineer turned entrepreneur, I like to mix artistic and technical things with business activities and try to produce something innovative. The motto at work: Be a rockstar at your place and don’t be robotic!!!


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