5 Essential Elements of Mobile App Creation Process

Shailee Parikh

The mobile apps development market is witnessing a huge growth, as customers tend to consume digital information more on smartphones and tablets than computers. In fact, according to research2guidance, the mobile application development market will reach the $100 billion mark by 2015. Now, that’s a whopping increase!

Businesses have started realizing the power of having a mobile app, which allows customers to access information on products and services in real-time. Today, it’s more like a necessity than a luxury.

However, mobile app creation is not a cakewalk. One needs to weigh carefully various nuances when it comes to designing and developing a mobile app. So, if you are contemplating building a mobile app, here are the most important aspects you should not overlook.

Understand Your Objectives

Take considerable time and effort to gauge the objective behind creating a mobile app before actually you start developing it. Though the mobile app does boost your business, it is important to analyze whether your business really needs a mobile app or not. Just because other businesses are joining the mobile apps development bandwagon, it does not necessarily mean you also have to.

In case, you decide to build a mobile solution, step back and think over these points –

  • If the majority of the business comes from your website, consider building a mobile website that runs on all kinds of handheld devices instead of an application.
  • In case your solution doesn’t require an internet connection (such as note-taking apps), then a mobile application makes more sense.
  • If your app needs GPS, mail, and client integration, building a native application is a better option.
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Know Your Target Customer

It sounds obvious but many app developers ignore the importance of understanding their end-users requirements. Analyze their problems and try to solve them with help of a handy mobile application. Get insights into the kind of devices your end-customers use for their different set of needs. Ultimately the success of the app is highly dependent on the user experience and not just on the so-called cool features you try to offer to your customers.

Screen Size is vital

Screen sizes and resolutions vary depending on the device type. Hence, it is very essential to ensure that your app is consistent across a variety of devices. Also, the user interface along with graphics has to be scalable. We recommend you to go through various app development guides provided by Android and iPhone both. It helps you develop awesome mobile applications that are screen independent.

User Interface matters

There are certain user interface elements we need to take care of while developing web applications. Similarly, it is advisable to follow specific user interface conventions when you are building a mobile app. Because it helps make the app more consistent with other applications on various hand-held devices.  For instance,

  • Apple has laid down detailed iPhone Human Interface Guidelines with details of standard UI conventions to help developers build better applications.
  • Android app creation, too, has laid down its own User Interface Guidelines. This lists down the overview of widgets, menus, icons including task design guidelines.

Pay attention to ergonomics

Today, most of the smartphones have touch screens and hence it’s important that you do not neglect this aspect during mobile app creation. You need to think from the user’s perspective while you are designing and developing the app. This means you need to understand how exactly users hold smartphones and where their finger lies when using a particular app etc. For instance, apps designed for touch screen devices have menus, selectors, and content at the top screen. Apart from this, you also need to consider gesture advantages, zoom pinching, refresh pulling-down, swiping backward and forward, etc.

It has become extremely challenging to build a mobile app and announce it as a success in this competitive market place. Hence it’s recommended to keep your end-users in mind before actually you start your app creation journey.


Shailee Parikh

I am a marketing enthusiast, who likes to try out disruptive ideas and deliver them effortlessly. Reading and writing about innovation, technology and startups interests me.

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