US Retail Giant

Grocery shopping with
your voice-assistant
How we helped a US retail giant
deliver hands-free shopping

Tapping into the new market of
voice commerce

With 5 billion voice enabled devices in the market, voice commerce is the
new channel for growth. Our client, a national retail giant, wanted to
make grocery shopping simple and contextual for its millions of customers,
and they partnered with us to build the first voice-enabled shopping
assistant to automate grocery shopping.

Understanding the need

Together with our client team, we conducted a series of customer interviews, and we learned that people have a difficult time keeping up with their grocery shopping. Consumers constantly find themselves forgetting to order important items.

They often remember things that they are running out of when they are cooking (making a delicious cake) or working (doing laundry) with their hands full. Some elderly customers tend to forget to buy the routine items they need. Many customers are busy professionals and families who don’t have time to visit stores and they want their groceries delivered to their doorstep.

We built the voice-assistant that allows these customers to fill up their shopping carts with the items they need and order them without needing to stop what they are doing. We saved them time, pain and trips to the stores.

Voice as new platform for growth

“Voice commerce is the new frontier and all companies need to think strategically about monetizing it”

We learned that voice is going to be a massive opportunity and it will need a solid tech foundation to support the growth. We came with the platform strategy - launch personalized and voice-enabled products and services by enabling the platform economics - scale, speed, re-usability, and cost savings.

We integrated the client’s internal systems, developed new modules, and delivered a strong foundation for delivering flawless and conversational experiences across multiple channels.

Enabling natural conversations

We strived to build the voice-assistant that feels as natural as a casual conversation between two people. Hence, it is important for the assistant to understand the spoken language and converse within context.

To design the interactions, we mapped out the end-to-end shopping journey as a series of natural conversations that a customer would expect have with a person. We found that variants, words, tones and commands differed between user personas, and we built our research into a trained NLP service. The result was astonishingly delightful — natural two-way interactions that are filled with context, intelligence, and human touch.

Just like having a personal shopper in the kitchen

When the customer asks the assistant to order “milk”, it knows which brand, type, and size you prefer, and orders it for you.

Launching new
voice-enabled services

With a well-informed platform roadmap, we and our client team continue to improve experiences and launch new voice-enabled services.

  • Aisle Location
  • Pharmacy
  • Store Locator
  • Amazon Alexa

Real orders and millions of customers

After the successful MVP, we rolled out the voice-assistant in 10+ markets reaching millions of customers. Within the first week of launch, the customers started placing voice orders, and it's growing.

The platform quickly became a strategic enterprise asset with real revenue and recognition from the industry. We can’t wait to see it grow and make a meaningful impact in customers’ lives.