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Automating Sales

How we built a sales operating system
from ground up?

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Solving the sales productivity puzzle

Sales is the most important function of any business. Sales productivity is an age-old problem that CRMs were designed to solve, but it is still a puzzle. The top CRMs are focused on “managing” sales, not “growing” it, and the primary users, sales reps, hated using it. While they are good record-keeping systems, they are clunky, manual, and outdated. The reps lose about 40% of their time updating CRM and juggle 4 to 7 other tools for emails, calls, meetings, etc.

Lack of automation, focus, and context are big blockers for the frontline sales teams to grow sales revenue and customer relationships. The $100+ billion industry needs a more promising platform.


Launching the world’s first sales operating system

Salesmate team wanted us to build the sales operating system that enables every business to organize, automate, and optimize their sales and customer journey their way. It needs to power every frontline sales team to engage prospects, win more deals, automate busywork, and improve their performance.

A platform with infinite paths and possibilities

Our initial challenge was to decipher the vision of “Sales OS” to discover the product and core features that sales reps actually need and want to use. We also had to position Salesmate in its own category to ensure it did not look like just another CRM platform. Sure, you can manage your contacts and sales - but it so much more than that!

We knew that Salesmate is not going to another app - it is going to be a highly complex, multi-faceted platform that has to meticulously balance form, function, and fun to create outstanding sales experiences. Besides, with the competitive market and demanding customer needs, Salesmate will have to grow and adapt quickly.

To deliver on the Salesmate promise, we collaborated with the Salesmate team to devise the product strategy, roadmap, user experience, and platform architecture. We took an iterative approach with a long-term vision. To adopt to the changing needs and inherent complexity, we designed the entire platform to be modular, extendable, and intuitive - one component at a time.

Accelerating the sales & customer journey

Frontline sales teams lose 30% of their time in data entry and a lot more than that to engage the prospects and customers at the right time, with the right message, and on the right channel.

We could eliminate the data entry by automatically syncing and tracking every update, action, and interaction. All emails, meetings, calls, follow-ups, contacts, campaigns, deals, and much more - are now fully integrated, automated, and organized in real-time. It helps sales teams deeply understand their customers and their journey to have insightful conversations.

Flex to fit any sales process

The feature set was vast and extremely complex. First, we needed to build a robust yet highly flexible foundation that will allow customers to customize Salesmate to fit their unique sales process. There were more than 200+ configurable features such as custom modules, custom fields, security roles and permission, sales pipelines, custom reports and dashboards, smart views, time zones.

We designed the technology, architecture, databases, and APIs that allowed us to deliver the MVP in 12 weeks without compromising flexibility and extendability.

Save-time, Sell more, Close deals

We spent days understanding our target customers, their routines and core challenges to meticulously and thoughtfully design each power tool that ultimately radicalized the way sales reps were spending their time. With these tools, they were able to connect with more prospects, add a personal touch to their sales, and multiply their sales in a matter of months. These tools delivered powerful automation at each stage of the sales lifecycle:

Email & Calendar Sync

Sync and auto link your email inbox and calendars

Built-in Calling

Make and record calls, drop voicemails, and coach your reps

Smart Emails

Send and track personalized emails, get reminders, and deeper insights

Text Campaigns

Create text templates, run bulk text campaigns or send personal texts

Sales Collaboration

Work with your entire team - use mentions, assign deals and tasks

Real-time Notifications

Get real-time notifications for all events, rep, and contact activities

Sales Intelligence

Use built-in or create custom reports and dashboards, and share them

Enterprise Security

Powerful security with access control, encryption, GDPR and audit trails

Data Management

Import, export, bulk update data with a complete lineage

Automating the sales playbook

Timely follow-ups and consistent engagement are key drivers of sales growth. During our research, we found that sales reps spend a ton of time writing personalized emails and follow-ups, assigning leads, figuring out the next actions, and performing mindless tasks that can be better handled by smart and automated software.

With multiple research and design sessions, we devised and built a suite of features that can enable sales teams to save time from follow-ups and busywork. We also enabled each sales rep to use the best practices from outreach, follow-ups, calling scripts, and email messages, which effectively resulted in more customers and booked revenue per rep.

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Crafting flawless sales experience, consistently

Companies like Airbnb, Uber, Google, and Microsoft are launching beautiful products at a much faster pace than ever before have built their design systems. We built one for Salesmate. It eliminated the repeated UX/UI work for the designer and allowed developers to reuse their components.

With over 460+ reusable UI components, assets, and standards, our teams were able to design and develop new features in a matter of days. Every new feature delivered a clean and consistent experience.

As the product evolved, we had to update the user experience and interactions. Due to the design system, we only have to change one component, and the entire platform gets updated. Feels like magic!


Powerful and easy-to-use APIs & SDK for building custom apps

API-first approach is non-negotiable for enabling rapid integrations and customizations needed to create seamless customer and sales experiences.

With 750+ REST APIs to webhooks and native components, we built a solid API backbone that powers Salesmate’s web, mobile, chrome apps. It also allowed sales to shipping new features at a lighting speed and enabled hundreds of built-in custom integrations for its customers.

Here are a few highlights of the Salesmate API platform features that we built:

  • API rate limits for usage-based billing and prevent attacks
  • OAuth-based authentication & authorization
  • API versioning and seamless migration
  • Webhook integrations & SDK for third-party apps
  • Auto-generated documentation and code examples
  • API monitoring & product analytics


Cloud-Native Architecture

Salesmate is the primary system for all customer information and communication. Any downtime, even for minutes, stops thousands of sales reps’ from selling. The stakes are high.

Hence, we had to adhere to the highest standards of reliability, performance, and scalability. We built a world-class infrastructure and architecture on Google Cloud Platform that automatically scales on-demand and restores from failures without human interventions.

DevOps Automation

We enabled automated build pipelines, deployments, and scaling of 140+ microservices using Kubernetes.

Massively Scalable

We vetted technologies and designed architectures to ensure that the entire platform is fully distributed and horizontally scalable.

Enterprise Security

Salesmate stores the most sensitive PII data for all users. We secured it with enterprise security that is certified by industry vendors.

The App Store & Ecosystem

We wanted to develop each ecosystem of apps that are complementary to Salesmate and are part of the user’s daily workflow. The “app store” strategy is crucial to driving adoption, awareness, and retention. Users can install the apps they like and start using them with Salesmate.

With APIs, SDK, and Zapier interfaces, we enabled 700+ native and third-party integrations.