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Why enterprises should embrace the MEAN stack?

Today’s programming world is going MEAN; while breaking the monopolist LAMP camp. And of-course there can be millions of reasons substantiating this act.

MEAN – the acronym for MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js and Node.js was perhaps the much needed and awaited transformation, the technical sphere could ever have. And now that MEAN is so much into the world of technology and business, every growing enterprise is striving to become MEAN friendly; leaving behind plenty who are still displaying their loyalties towards older versions!

So, if you too are feeling a little unsure to make this awkward yet vital transition, here are vital reasons that can help you ease through this puzzling situation.

MEAN facilitates speedy data storage and retrieval

MongoDB is a document database and not a relational data base, as it uses JSON like documents throughout. Compared to MySQL database, where data is stored in tables that requires predefined database schemas and rules to establish field relations; MongoDB does not require any such predefined regulation.

Rather it uses dynamic schemas. This means that any change; such as addition or deletion of records, can be done very easily without making any complex accommodations for information exchange and maintenance. Thus, when no large schemas are present, the system is ought to be more efficient and speedy in performing regular functions.

Uniform programming language from start to end

You have programmers with the knowledge of Javascript alone and you can run an efficient development team. As you are already having JSON queries on the MongoDB database, you can use the same JSON queries on Express.js and Node,js server. And in addition, the same JSON queries can be used on the client side through Angular.js.

Thus, there is no need of too many programming languages such as PYTHON or PHP crowding the system. Your developers and experts in Javascript can go through the entire stack themselves as easily as never before; controlling both the front end and back end activities. And this is not all, the new node.js framework on single programming language, reduces the page load time to almost negligible amount – Something, that is very essential for all web based applications.

Compatible with every OS

Another very interesting feature of MEAN stack that makes it irresistible it’s compatibility with every operating system running Node.js. This includes a list of OS – MS Windows, MAC OS and not to forget the very popular Linux.

MEAN stack supports the MVC architecture

Every web application comprises of four important aspects; namely – database, server, client and client UI. This is what is known as the Model View Controller (MVC). In this MVC architecture, the Model responds to requests for information or any data manipulation according to controller instruction. The controller on the other hand responds to system and user needs and thus gives instructions to model. The view takes care of user interaction.

Therefore, to administer such complex procedures, there have been many stack frameworks working on different programming languages. Thus making the work very tedious and turning the development teams less productive. However, MEAN stack has emerged as a powerful alternative that complies with the MVC architecture very easily due to the use of single programming language and flexible database.

What is the good news for enterprises?

All the above mentioned advantages of MEAN are sure to empower your business with providing speed, uniformity, OS compatibility and so on.  With MEAN, businesses can rely on just one specialist developer with expertise on JavaScript unlike LAMP wherein PHP, MySql and JavaScript are required together. This means saving of disk space which can be used to power other resources. Every technology for MEAN is open source and thus free! So, future upgrades and development is benefited.

Thus, when enterprises can have a happy and more productive development team, that can work to enhance customer satisfaction; business growth. Further, MEAN stack can help you accelerate work flow in a more compact module.

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