Challenges Faced By Startups While Developing An App
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Challenges Faced By Startups While Developing An App

The popularity of mobile devices and their growing demand in the market has pushed enterprises to target the audience with mobile first strategy. This pushes the boundaries of the startups making them face many obstacles while they develop an app that reaches the mass.

As users, you will agree that the market is overloaded with so many apps that you sometimes find that all these are somewhat bland and are repetitious in nature. But to stay in the game, startups should accept this fact and must overcome the challenges they face while developing an app.

Here are a few challenges that we think make business tricky for the startups:

Marketing The App

The first struggle is the procurement of the funds that a startup needs to launch its app in the market. As the competition rises with each passing day, the marketing strategy becomes stiffer and the hurdles get trickier for the startups to find the proper channel that can launch their app.

App Store Optimization is the best option for any startup to get the desired target audience. It helps the entrepreneurs with the marketing research like finding the niche audience, products that will sell and leveraging all the other services for a proper launch of the app.

Funds For Developing The App

For developing a user-friendly app and market it in an industry full of competition you will need somewhere close to $10,000-$200000. Startups generally face the issue of finding:

  • The right developers
  • Registering their app on app development platforms
  • Creating a winning marketing strategy for their app

Each of the steps mentioned above needs money, and generating money for each stage is a hurdle that cannot be scaled.

Creating Your Stage In the Crowd

If we talk about research and surveys, there are so much of data regarding the apps you will go bonkers. But let’s just say that on an average, 1600 apps are added to Google Play Store and around 60000 apps are launched on Apple App Store, “Everyday”!

As a startup, your job doesn’t get over after developing an awesome app. Your app needs to reach the target audience and make an impression. For that, it needs to penetrate the market, a market that is continuously overloading with numerous apps.

Keep researching about the consumer behavior and be aware of what is the user looking for in an app. By doing so, reaching your audience becomes easy and once you reach the target audience the road ahead becomes smoother.

Compatibility With Numerous Devices

The dynamic nature of the smartphone industry has always put extreme challenges in front of startups. You always see the news of various upcoming segments of the smartphones from so many smartphone manufacturers.

If you think about the developers then you will know that their life becomes tricky because they have to be on their toes for fixing various bugs based on the OS of the smartphones or have to work really hard to match the compatibility of the app with the smartphones.

The “Miscellaneous”

Apart from the challenges you read above, startup apps face the challenge of benefitting the user in many other ways such as:

  • An app that runs without crashes
  • App bugs are diagnosed and resolved in quick time.
  • Consumes mobile battery as low as possible.

A high-performance app that is graphically superior will load more caches or will be incompatible with the older versions of the smartphones or the operating system.

A startup must study the market well, target the audience and develop its app based on their utility and center their app around the demand of the market. Once a startup has this checklist covered it can turn its app into something valuable.


To be successful with your first app as a startup always keep yourself updated with the latest market trend. Equip yourself with the resources that will aid you in fulfilling the ever-growing demand of that market.

Not even the startups but even the giant enterprises face such perils when they launch their apps in the competition, but this fact should not limit you in any way to launch your app in the market. Be prepared with the sound app strategy and have a digital product development company that will deliver your app into a success story.

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