Why AngularJS is ‘The’ choice for Web App Development?

Developers are in awe with AngularJS whenever the topic of web application development with AngularJS comes up. As a JavaScript framework, developers have credited AngularJS for improving the quality, efficiency of web apps and the effortlessness it gives to the entire web app development process. In addition, as an open-source framework, built by Google, AngularJS saves developers from all the hassle of testing the apps for bugs and errors.

Minimizes challenges faced by developers

  • AngularJS is less complex as it is built on the MVC infrastructure and because of this, AngularJS is the proper choice for developers when it comes to the comfort of coding and functionality of a framework for developing web applications.
  • Integrating HTML codes and application modules in AngularJS is very smooth which makes the app development process seamless.
  • The major pro of developing web apps on this framework is that it contains basic HTML and guides the developers with proper directives for creating a website that is dynamic and responsive.

Improved design – development workflow

  • Although the application of HTML and CSS technologies ensures synchronization web development process, AngularJS offers a lot more, enabling the developers to add markup without sabotaging the application and rearrange definite portions of code with effortlessness and suitability.
  • With AngularJS, developers can interact with the UI/UX team establishing a better design-development workflow.

Reusable Codes

  • Developers love to use AngularJS for developing enterprise web applications because it allows them the freedom of reusing the codes or the components of the codes used for developing different applications.

Unlimited Ease

  • This hassle-free process of pasting a reusable code makes the entire process of app development very easy.

Increased speed of testing and maintenance

  • The MVC infrastructure makes the application development process very desirable for the developers.
  • The speed of testing and maintenance offered by the framework provides enhanced productivity to the developers.

Addresses Dependencies well

Dependency injection is an important symbol of AngularJS technology that makes testing and SPI (Single Page Application) handling design easy. If developers make a request inside the framework, the DI will create it for them. This feature allows developers to ask for the dependencies, avoiding the need for making it themselves.


The possibilities of developing something unique in the Web application market depend on the productivity and efficiency of your group of developers. AngularJS, as we explained in the above article, is that weapon in your armor that gives the free hand of developing the best web application that suits all the requirements of an organization that is looking to make a mark among its competition. Consult Rapidops for more insights on utilizing disruptive technologies in developing viable web applications.


Sruti Raizada

Search engine marketer and content contributor at Rapidops, Inc, where she contributes on content marketing, inbound marketing and lead generation that help company attract more visitors, engage customers and convert leads. Having more than six years of experience in Internet Marketing, Sruti loves to contribute her knowledge and findings in the form of content covering the key areas of marketing and innovation.

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