Interns Testimonials for Rapidops

Saptarshi Das

Sameer Hindocha

Rapidops gave me the exposure to a corporate working environment. In these 4 months of internship and training, I have met great mentors who have changed the way I used to look at professional life.

Work seems more fun with the proper guidance. I loved the way my mentors guided me on the basics of Linux, Git and JavaScript technologies.

During the entire internship period, various professional and cultural events were celebrated, and I got to learn many things regarding how corporates celebrate special occasions.

Manish Kumar Bhavnani

My takeaways from the internship at Rapidops

  1. Training to Project Implementation
  2. Being Responsible
  3. A healthy and productive work environment

The internship of 4 months has been a revelation for me. The management has taught me how to work in a professional world. The mentors helped me understand the implementation of all my learning in the real world. From day one, I was trained by my mentor regarding how to implement and deliver a project by managing process model.

As a part of my final year semester requirement, I was required to do a four-month internship with an IT company, and after thorough research, I got a chance to work as an intern with Rapidops, and I am glad that I got such great mentors. The learnings from my training will surely help me in my professional life ahead.

Kaushal Jethva

Being an intern is a tough decision to take, the stories that I have heard from my seniors made me a bit nervous, but as it was a “must-do” task for my final year project, I was left with no other choice. So, I did some research from my side and inquired with various IT companies. When I got an interview call from Rapidops, I was scared, nervous and relieved. After the interview, I was offered an internship by Rapidops. The four months have been the best time of my life.

The kind of exposure and support newcomers get from mentors is something I had never anticipated. I was put into a team of 3 who were given one mentor, and the task was to create an enterprise app. During the development phase, I got the opportunity to learn Angular 2, NodeJs, AngularJs as well as JavaScript, Jquery and Ajax.

Everyone here is so helpful and they welcomed me and the other interns with immense warmth. I really appreciate that Rapidops provided me with the opportunity of the Internship. I have really learned a lot about the corporate scenario.

Tapasvi Vaghela

A college fresher desires to apply his learning practically in any organization he works for. Rapidops inspired me to do the best work possible. The company works with the latest technologies and my mentors trained us all to be smart thinkers, be efficient and be more productive.

I learned smart time-management at Rapidops, I came to face the fact that not only the seniors are awaiting your output, but even the client is waiting for the product. The firsthand experience of the daily routine that the IT professionals go through on a daily basis, be it learning innovative technologies or be it handling tricky codes, I am thankful to Rapidops that they gave me the opportunity of being responsible for the tasks assigned to me.

The internship was smooth, I learned a lot, and I will always be grateful to my mentors for putting their trust in me and making me feel responsible for the tasks at hand. My thoughts on internship at Rapidops is – The best place for doing your final year internship.

Pooja Mandavia

My journey here began when Rapidops came to my college for placements, and one of the values that stuck out to me is bringing out the best in people. Long story short, I did my research and found that this is the company, where I wanted to work. With the background I had, I applied for the Industrial Training Program. After the interview, I was given a chance to live the corporate life for the next 4 months.

I must say, it was intimidating, but the feeling died down once I met everyone at work and got settled in. But my mentors trusted my skills and I was included in the team for developing an in-house enterprise application. The experience was great, and I learned a lot about NodeJs and JavaScript. My internship at Rapidops taught me about respecting the workspace, and it helped me discover my future goals.

From setting up my interview from college, interviewing and currently working with Rapidops, it has been a pleasant and smooth experience. Everyone here is friendly, and I have created many friendships with other interns in the program. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next few weeks.

Sujan Patel

First I would like to mention that the reference to this company was given by one of my 7th sem project’s internal guide and it’s because of her that I got to experience the corporate culture at Rapidops. When I passed the interview, I was pleased to be a part of Rapidops. I have given many interviews in various companies, but none gave me the comfortable feeling as this company. When I entered Rapidops, first thought that came in my mind was this company can give me such platform where I can learn a lot of things, and I will be exposed to multiple new languages. As I was just an intern and a student till now, it was my very first step to enter in real world where I will learn real things which actually works in IT industry, and at the same time, I had to work with experienced developers, so I was a bit nervous as well.

In the beginning, they provided guidance and support so we can learn modern technology in the better way. They taught us basics about Ubuntu and fundamental commands and then about GIT and JavaScript; while learning we completed small tasks which are given by the guide. At Rapidops, I learnt different language like NodeJs, fundamental AngularJs, Ajax and MongoDB. I learned about Rest API as well. Finally, after 3-4 weeks, we worked on a live project which was Slack integration with Salesmate CRM.

Working in a corporate world is different as compared to the college life. Everyone needs a breakthrough to enter the corporate sector successfully. Rapidops provided me that breakthrough. I learned a lot here, not only about technology but also about teamwork, time management, communication skills and many other things.

Sagar Pandya

“It’s a cogent and sheer privilege to be at Rapidops as an Intern.”

Once I got into this organization, I learned continuously – every day, every hour and in almost every conversation I ever had with my mentors and as an intern that’s what I aspired. The schedule was formed in such a productive way that it neither stressed me out at the end of my day and nor made me feel like I did less – it was balanced.

My mentors are the crucial reason behind this feeling of mine. The attention I received is just unfair for any intern – it’s like you think of being an intern anywhere and naturally, you imagine that the mentors will be tough on you – you will have a lot of trouble getting your way through – it’s natural, this is what any student will start thinking. But, I am lucky that this was not the case with me, I bugged my mentor with silly queries, small doubts as well as the complex flow of the application – rather I could bug him up. All time access to my mentor allowed me to be comfortable and grow in right way.

At the end of this period, I am glad that I have done something which matters. I have not squandered this precious time of my life.


Saptarshi Das

I am a content writer and a geek in the digital marketing sense of it, who likes to read and write about revolution, expertise and startups.

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