3 Reasons Product Companies Should Invest In Design

Samir Motwani

Would a healthy soul be of any good in an unhealthy body? The product isn’t any different. The soul of a product is certainly its core features; however, the customers would know about them only when they use the product. Therefore, even an unmatched product idea doesn’t guarantee success.

In the haste of appending more features to their solution, companies often lose sight of a key ingredient: User-Interface Design (UI). This can be caused because of the difficulty in finding a specialist who can provide the expected level of UX. Additionally, the associated expense can also work as a hurdle to companies.

This lack of understanding sometimes makes people crucify the marketing and sales teams for the failure of a product. The real problem, though, might lie in the User-Interface Design of the product which didn’t manage to impress the customers.

Here are some critical findings about the relevance of a solid UX:

1) Each $1 invested in UX returns up to $100


2) According to a report by “Design Management Institute” (DMI), design-centric companies like Apple, IBM, Intuit, Nike, Starbucks, Target, and Walt Disney – who adopted a design-focused business model – outperformed their peers in the S&P500 by a whopping 228% over the last ten years.


3) Making your product beautiful is great, but startups should first focus on usefulness and usability. It is advisable to adopt a user-centered mindset early in a start-up because tweaking the corporate culture at a later stage can be a mighty task.

The bottom line is that very rarely do customers appreciate the product’s coding. This is probably because they don’t understand that facet of the product. The visual appeal and user experience of the product is what they see. They generally base their judgments on these two aspects.

At Rapidops, we strive to partner with you in developing a successful product. We offer consultation services to clients, and also develop and launch other products in the market. It’s this legacy of being a product development company that helps us appreciate the importance of UX.


Samir Motwani

As an engineer turned entrepreneur, I like to mix artistic and technical things with business activities and try to produce something innovative. The motto at work: Be a rockstar at your place and don’t be robotic!!!

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