Automating Sales

How we built the fully automated sales intelligence platform from ground up?

Grow your business

Organize your sales process, win more deals, and create happy customers with the automated sales CRM platform.

Make deals, NOT manual data entry

During our research we found that on an average a sales team end up spending 40% of their
time in manual data entry, the time that could have been spent closing more deals.

What if we build a sales software that automates the data entry, enrich each customer
interaction, and enables the sales team with more time and actionable insight to win more
deals - anywhere, anytime?

Visual Sales Pipeline
Automated Data Entry
Integrates With Inbox
  • Visual Sales Pipeline
  • Automated Data Entry
  • Integrates With Inbox

360 View of Each Customer

Emails, meetings, calls, follow ups, contacts, campaigns, deals,
and much more - all fully integrated, automated, and organized to
help sales people understand their customers and build strong

Delivering outstanding sales experience

  • 300 + Product Features
  • 450 + Wireframe Created
  • 56 Live Integrations
  • 2500 + B2B Customers

Sell from anywhere and anytime

Sales people are generally on the move and no matter wherever they are, the work never stops. To enable a seamless sales experience anywhere and anytime and on any device, we built the most powerful sales CRM apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. In addition, we built a Chrome Extension that allows users’ to work directly from their email accounts.

Award-winning & growing product

Online and mobile sales grow by multiple folds in 2 years. With the strategic digital platform, Harris Teeter is able to launch new and innovative digital experiences in matter of weeks with significant time and cost savings.

Salesmate has by far the most powerful and user-friendly automations that I've come across.

Ian R. CTO

I am blown away by the combination of simplicity and power. Salesmate has it all, seriously.


Absolutely amazing CRM, the best I have ever used. Bar none.