Custom iOS Mobile App for Food Lovers

Lets Outsmart Food Allergies Together


YoDish is a mobile startup focused on providing quality reviews and dining recommendations for people with dietary constraints (food allergies, gluten free, paleo, vegetarian, vegan). They needed a scalable solution and platform to manage huge data storage and information processing.

Client partnered with RapidOps to develop this socially fueled, crowd-sourced restricted food recommendation app that is the first of its kind. Team designed YoDish to suggest nearby dishes and restaurants to users based on their provided dietary preferences.


Organizing ideas, sketches and market research into well thought wireframes and lean start-up plan, RapidOps team bootstrapped the start-up’s app development and delivered an end-to-end mobile product used by thousands of happy users who were able to find dishes and restaurants.

Our lean product development practices helps YoDish make data driven decisions driving marketing, development and partnership efforts.

Share your dining experience
through: a physical location,a picture and rating in
less than 10 seconds.

Engaging Audience

Together we all can dine safely and avoid suffering from unwanted allergies.

YoDish drives strong user engagement through full scale mobile social engagement. RapidOps used SNS, SES and SQS to deliver activity feeds, followers, favourite, mentions, comments, user profiles and push notifications.

Expanding Social Reach

YoDish is seamlessly integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare. Users can register using their social profiles, invite friends and share their experiences on their network with no extra efforts.


YoDish’s Success Lies Within The Quality Of Contextual Recommendations

RapidOps team has carefully crafted algorithms that takes numerous factors like location, dietary tags, rating, number of dishes, type of restaurants, density, user profiles, etc. to generate top chart suggestions in real-time.

Suggesting dishes to people with complex dietary profiles is challenging…

YoDish’s unique partial aggregator analyses thousands of dishes and suggest modifications to match your dietary restrictions and also call out the unknown ingredients.

Never run out of dishes

RapidOps built one of a kind self-regulated data collection platform using high volume EC2 instances to crawl and scrape thousands of menus and push new dishes to YoDish app every day. We used Amazon mTurk service to validate the scrapped menu and allergy information.

Lean Analytics

Integrated event based analytics to track downloads, sign ups and usage funnels, retention charts, user engagement, etc. core metrics which are crucial to measure the success of the app and are tough to produce with Google analytics.

Quick Facts

  • Acquired 10k+ sign ups in first 2 months of the launch and its growing rapidly
  • Featured in Charlotte Observer and many allergy magazines and blogs
  • 1500 dishes are shared by users in first 3 months
  • Client uses event based analytics to drive further development and marketing strategies
  • Architected to run at scale, API platform is distributed to avoid single point of failures
  • Rolling out new social version with in-app purchase in August 2014
  • YoDish control panel allows admin to run more advance analytics and scenario based testing with focus groups
  • Collected many positive reviews on app store validating need and success of the product
  • iOS
  • Node.JS
  • Ruby on Rails
  • MongoDB
  • Foursquare APIs
  • Facebook APIs
  • Twitter APIs
  • Instagram Integration
  • Amazon AWS
  • Test Driven Development

Let’s build something legendary