Data Driven iOS App for Audiologists

Educate and consult patients in an engaging way


Buying a hearing aid product is a more involved decision for patients. Client’s marketing team wanted to equip their audiologists with an interactive presentation to educate patients about hearing loss, its effects and hearing aid product offerings.

Client chose RapidOps to build an app for audiologists who works with patients to diagnose condition and recommend suitable Phonak products. To make it more evidential, app will allow patients to experience hearing loss effect with an in-built audio simulator.


RapidOps worked hand-in-hand with client’s marketing team to build an interactive iPad application from PowerPoint slides and raw graphics. App served 50+ slides with animations, videos and pop-ups with event driven analytics embedded to track each action of patients.

Dynamic hearing test graph builder with audio simulator. Audiologists can input patient’s hearing loss graph and can make them hear the distorted audio as they speak

Enriching UX with
infinite frictionless scroll
to showcase impacts

Interactive 3D model to explain ear anatomy

The app has interactive 3D models which facilitates while patients hear the distorted audio as they speak.

Quick Facts

  • Intuitive navigation and interactions
  • Every action is tracked for measuring effectiveness of the campaign
  • Enterprise distribution to internal staff
  • 14% increase in product sales among patients who used the app
  • HTML 5
  • JavaScript
  • iOS
  • Cordova
  • Objective-C

Let’s build something legendary