Enterprise Solution for a medical device lifecycle tool

Scalable and engaging enterprise app for medical device lifecycle tool


3DS’s life sciences vertical offer technology solutions for Product lifecycle management (PLM) to enable innovation, new product development and product information management from ideation to design to the entire lifecycle of the product.

3DS’s global life science marketing team was looking for solution to increase market awareness about their end-to-end PLM offering. They approached RapidOps to strategize and build an innovative solution to assist their sales and marketing team to increase market awareness of the product.


Considering the tight deadline, we recommend building an HTML 5 based iPad application as it is quick to develop and easy to replicate on other platforms like Android and Windows with less development efforts.

Application was designed for “in-house” sales team only, RapidOps recommended distributing the app using iOS’s Enterprise Distribution program.

The RapidOps team created app with intuitive user interface that offered a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach for delivering medical device innovation to patients.

3DS’s powerful iPad application not only helps in marketing the product more effectively but also empowers customers to understand the company’s product fit at each stage of their medical device/products lifecycle.


  • App was distributed using iOS’s Enterprise Distribution program.
  • The iPad application has 50 content pages with intuitive navigation and basic animation,offering great visual information about various stages of medical device life cycle.
  • The stages and its in-depth information are beautifully explained with easy to use charts that summarize a typical value creation process for producing breakthrough medical device innovation.
  • As the purpose was to help marketing and sales team for higher customer acquisition, engagement and product awareness, the app comes with Google Analytics integration to provide end user engagement statistics.
  • The app is built with native wrapper using Cordova (PhoneGap)

Quick Facts

  • During the development RapidOps frequently provided private app build through TestFlight to test the completed tasks.
  • The app is built using cross platform technologies for scalability and code re-usability purpose.
  • RapidOps team followed agile development approach during the development; we prepared non-functional prototypes for review and validate UI and UX.
  • JavaScript
  • AngularJS
  • Cordova
  • HTML 5
  • CSS3

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