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Client is having one of the largest supermarket chains in U.S $5 billion in revenue and 300+ stores across eight states on east coast.

Their 3 million shoppers are highly engaged via multiple online and offline channels regarding food, pharmacy, grocery, tips and digital coupons.


To meet technical needs of highly dynamic retail supermarket business; client has used following multiple third party tools and platforms with different and complex APIs.

  • Leading provider of digital grocery services for online grocery shopping
  • The largest international digital network offer provider to offer personalized digital coupon for weekly offers, product suggestions
  • Advanced inventory solution for pharmacy inventory management
  • Stripe to accept and manage online payments
  • Content delivery network to store and manage all Images
  • Location-based digital marketing solution provider for location and store search

  • 3rd party data solution providerfor delivering personalized email promotions
  • 3rd party data and analytics service providerfor custom promotions based on user analytics
  • Custom solutions to manage food ordering
  • Custom solutions for personal shopping list
  • Custom solutions for loyalty program
  • Active directory for user registration and authentication

To manage APIs of 15 different tools and platforms, client had to put tremendous amount of time and efforts to incorporate design, development and deployment changes across all front end and backend platforms.

This approach has created fragmented, non-integrated systems and processes that drain human and financial resources and diminish client’s ability to respond to a changing market and the relentless demands of customers and partners.

Moreover, the overall performance was getting hamper due to architectural and technological discrepancies.

Business Needs

  • A highly scalable system that enables marketplace innovation to accelerate time to market.
  • Bring all the third party API resources into a single stack, so developer does not have to gather them separately.
  • Modern middleware that efficiently interact with multiple customer channel and devices.
  • Strong and efficient platform that deals with scalability, security, performance and other operational headaches.
  • An intelligent interface for real time data integration and management.


RapidOps analyzed the business needs and identified following key challenges; which were addressed effectively while designing the solution.

  • Lack of compatibility between frontend and backend development
  • Security
  • Complexity of third-party APIs
  • Design and configuration of highly reusable code
  • Offline operations

  • Legacy databases and systems are not engineered for mobile
  • Caching
  • Policy management
  • User management and access control
  • Social login

RapidOps strategized and built cloud based BaaS(Backend-as-a-Service) API(Application Programming Interface) platform that enables enterprise agility along with the following functionalities:

  • We developed a single interface to centralize control of multiple front ends like web, mobile, POS, data analytics partners.
  • The architecture is flexible and adheres with existing system’s business logic and relationships with options to change service provider whenever required.
  • The platform empowers generic response, single point fault detection / prevention (in case scheduled maintenance by service providers) for all the third party APIs, tools and service providers to ensure smooth operations.
  • To offer consistent performance across all channels, middleware provides REST APIs by taking care of scheduled maintenance and down-times by third party service providers.
  • It fluidly converts WSDL and SOAP services to modern REST API for all web, mobile apps and mobile websites.
  • To ensure friction-less online payment experience, the middleware Interacts with payment gateway adhering to strict authentication and security guidelines.

  • For offering smooth, real time data interaction across multiple channels, the platform effectively uses cluster computing and load balance technology of MongoDB to integrate and manage huge database.
  • Centralized RackSpace data store is used to maintain product images.
  • The platform provides API services for third party to generate user analytics which help decision makers.
  • Moreover, any connected channel can register, authorize and authenticate the customer to utilize every services of middleware with the help of active directory and many other authentication techniques.


  • The client could streamline around 250 APIs with our robust solution which manages 92 million API calls in a month.
  • Spurring innovation, new value creation and quick-to-market by leveraging fungible software components that can be used in new ways, quickly and easily.
  • Faster system performance, higher scalability and reliability by reducing the fragmentation problem across multiple devices and platforms.
  • Eliminates redundant stack setup and boilerplate repeat code, and everything is in one place.

  • Enable client to provide most immersive, personalized Omni-channel shopping experiences that drive sales and customer loyalty.
  • Reducing overhead through reduced risk of rework in all aspects of development, leading to increased efficiency at all stages of development.
  • Consistent user experience across all platforms leads to higher customer satisfaction.

  • Ruby on Rails
  • NodeJS
  • Hadoop
  • MongoDB
  • Peak10
  • My SQL
  • AngularJS
  • VPN Technologies
  • Encryption algorithms

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