In this fast changing technology landscape, where “the faster, better and cheaper” mentality makes getting to market more challenging than ever, competing with traditional approach utilizing unrefined skills are not enough.

You need to thrive into eat-or-be-beaten world with blend of technical artistry and high-end engineering to deliver state-of-the-art software. At RapidOps, we go far beyond programming skills; from ideating the concept, building MVP, improvising with user feedback to launching it to the market, we deliver products in unimaginable time frames, enabling you to focus on your core business.

Create scalable responsive web apps with the help of talented team having extensive knowledge of superior technology. What’s more, we love to innovate by making use of other fast growing JavaScript Libraries to significantly reduce time-to-market.

as a solution

According to Information week – “70% of IT leaders are of the opinion that constant focus on daily IT operations prevents them from innovating”.

Embrace the cloud. Whether you want to build your own cloud or leverage cloud infrastructure providers like AWS, we will create technology strategy, evaluate risks and threats, empower you with infrastructure, platforms for software customization and migration.

Enterprise application

Not every solution can be off-the-shelf which help you transform your processes and work-flows. You need an enterprise scale application which is built from the ground up, has engaging experience, flexibility and scope of scalability that actually delivers results. If you have built your own system over years, we can modernize your software with progressive technology and new interface design to extend the life span.

Mobile web app

The growth of the Mobile-First economy is driving companies to fundamentally rethink the way they operate, transact and engage with end customers. While 70% of people in USA, spend their time browsing internet on their mobile devices, it becomes imperative to renovate your web presence for mobile view.

Discover, share and discuss gluten free, veg and food allergy friendly restaurant meals in smart way.

Educate and consult patients with engaging and curated information.

Secure, scalable, dynamic and cross browser compatible tool for sales team and end clients to facilitate complex product bundle management.

Interactive iPad App for medical device life cycle map which offers a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach for delivering medical device innovation to patients.

The middleware manages more then 15 third party APIs and interact effectively with multiple front end customer channels enabling enterprise agility.

Focus on sales, not data entry, win more deals with sales intelligence and keep a real time tap on costumer insights with data-driven CRM tool.

Let’s build something legendary