Capitalize on intelligent and scalable API’s to leverage web and mobile solutions seamlessly in an open web world. Simplify non-integrated and fragmented processes, optimize and scale data, rationalize and modernize legacy systems and deliver consistent data and services across all front end channels with help of robust API interface.

Our Expertise

RapidOps is specialized in building backwards compatible, Omni-channel APIs for the secure data consumption and tight application integration.

Our Web API development team can plan and implement web service APIs ranging from simple data- bound and CRUD-based APIs to complex, secure APIs exposing business objects in JSON or XML, implementing detailed business logic. We create such robust APIs that are capable of handling large amounts of traffic and data with ease.

With a focus on progressive technologies such as NodeJS, RoR, XML, JSON, WebAPI, MVC and frameworks such as JQuery and AngularJS, and several other technologies, we create strong, coherent and flexible API architecture.

API Development Approach

Our API development team not only knows about the technologies behind API, but also masters the end-to-end process of rolling out, managing, monitoring and monetizing APIs.

As an API development company, we have assisted clients to strategize, expose, manage and run efficient high-performance API programs to meet their business goals.


Design APIs to connect with relevant data sets


Adherence to best practices from initiation to deployment


Optimize user experiences with performance tuning measures


Stringent Authentication and routing schedule


Optimized infrastructure aligned to SLAs

Experience stunning results by taking our highly customized and technologically advanced API development services

We offer you

Business knowledge

Experienced business advisors, industry experts, business/technology architects who understand breadth and depth of the domain, and how to monetize business assets across industries.

Faster rollout

Reduced time to market by leveraging pre-defined industry use cases, reusable technology and consulting components.

Comprehensive services

Solid team of API practitioners, development specialists and analysts who understand API domain, right from consulting implementation and has proven experience of implementing wide range of successful APIs.

Fuel Innovation, Customer Reach and Partner Networks with APIs

Smart Interaction

Delivering APIs that drive innovative interactions with clients and shareholders

Enhanced Brand

Seamless API development that connects your brand with diverse platforms


Adheres to strict security standards for API development without hampering accessibility

Discover, share and discuss gluten free, veg and food allergy friendly restaurant meals in smart way.

Educate and consult patients with engaging and curated information.

Secure, scalable, dynamic and cross browser compatible tool for sales team and end clients to facilitate complex product bundle management.

Interactive iPad App for medical device life cycle map which offers a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach for delivering medical device innovation to patients.

The middleware manages more then 15 third party APIs and interact effectively with multiple front end customer channels enabling enterprise agility.

Focus on sales, not data entry, win more deals with sales intelligence and keep a real time tap on costumer insights with data-driven CRM tool.