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Unlock Fresh Food & Deli Experience

rapidFRESH is an end-to-end fresh food and grocery platform to enable your AI-powered, modern, and hyper-personalized shopping experience for your customers. It allows online ordering, delivery, and fulfillment of made-to-order fresh products. Powered by modern architecture and enterprise-focused design, rapidFRESH flawlessly integrates with existing enterprise systems with its built-in analytics, reporting, and operational functions. To find out more, fill out some basic info and download our free datasheet.


Product Features


Markets Served

And many more tangible benefits for both Retailers and Customers.

rapidFRESH Platform

rapidFRESH empowers the fresh food departments to scale out their personalized services beyond the physical store boundaries to enterprises delivering seamless, scalable, and personalized shopping experiences across multi-channels. Its API-first and enterprise-focused design flawlessly integrates & orchestrates with existing enterprise systems and security. rapidFRESH offers bundle of features that exceeds consumer expectations, drives revenue, customer retention, & unlocks new avenues for growth while reducing costs & time required to prepare and deliver fresh food.

It includes:

  • Complete ownership of customers, transactional data, and insights
  • Multi-store & multi-brand storefronts, customizable as per requirement
  • Ready-to-deploy, modular, & scalable components for faster time to market
  • Kitchen Processing System (KPS) enables staff to view, prepare, & dispatch order
  • AI-powered recommendations, customer engagement, and analytics capabilities
  • Maximize marketing initiatives by personalized recommendations & promotions
  • Intuitive shopping experience with award-winning UX & Navigation

Explore how Rapidops can help you monetize your digital opportunities in Retail and Grocery.