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Women Don’t Need Empowerment. They Already Are! At Least The Urban Crowd Is!

Saptarshi Das

Doesn’t mean we should draw a biased line

Rapidops has always given an equal chance to individuals, without judging the gender, but basing the judgment on the individual’s skill set, love for the work they want to do, their contribution towards the company goal and their wavelength with the business fundamentals.

While planning for Women’s Day, a male employee asked for the view and opinion of all the female employees and their experience in Rapidops.

This how our female employees put their thoughts forward!

  • Khyati Pandya (HR Manager)
    “Skillset is the main motto of Rapidops. We do not discriminate on the basis of gender. We send out a very strong message and also at times we have set an example of zero tolerance towards favourism. Equal job opportunity is given to all the candidates that are interviewed or are working for Rapidops. With over 90 employees, the number of female employees in the organization is less but the organization is dedicated to expanding more opportunities for deserving candidates and will not base their selection process on gender. Let’s just cherish the difference and celebrate humanity.”
  • Apeksha Maheshwari
    “As a newbie, I am looking forward to having a great working year and I am sure they will help me cherish my professional life with Organization.”
  • Pooja Menon
    “Female employees are leading sales & marketing department, and that is the most amazing feeling for me. I feel proud to work with Rapidops because they select people or individual that have the right skillset for the job at hand, without any gender discrimination.”
  • Sruti Raizada
    “Go Woman!”
    “As a married woman, I think highly of Rapidops as it provides me with the flexibility of time helping me balance my personal as well as professional life. In Rapidops, I personally feel they believe in gender equality which is the best part of the organization.”
  • Nimisha Bhut
    “My transition from a developer to QA was made easy because of the incredible support that I received from my team and my manager”
  • Avni Gajjar
    “Feel free, be yourself.”
    “I am an outspoken female with a strong morale and dedication towards work. I am happy working with Rapidops and love the working environment. I have not faced any problems in this organization so far.”
  • Himani Bhavsar
    “Women are working at the same pace and I enjoy the work culture at Rapidops. I am a strong believer of Humanity and I think women’s day can be observed as “Humanity day.”
  • Sneha Saraiya
    “I feel that the company is well balanced and equal opportunity is provided to everyone not keeping the gender in mind.”
  • Snehal Akbari
    “I have not faced any issues with my team. I love the working environment and there is a sense of security within me when I think of Rapidops as an organization.”
  • Nirali Raval
    “I have no complaints regarding my company. If a female excels in some technical feat, she is appreciated equally. I enjoy working here as I have witnessed different cultures in other companies but I love the culture of Rapidops more.”
  • Nidhi Mori
    “I find the work environment very healthy and progressive, and there is a lot to learn in the professional world from Rapidops.”
  • Denisha Bhensdadiya
    “This is a big career shift for me. I have worked as an educator for a year before joining Rapidops and the whole management has accepted me into the team as their own. I am blessed to have supportive peers.”
  • Maya Chauhan
    “I love the flexibility in work timing; peer recognition is so much encouraging and your hard work is never wasted here.”
  • Pooja Mandvia
    “It doesn’t matter whether you work in a male-dominated society, if you are good enough for the organization you work in you will be successful. All you have to do is prove your mettle when the opportunities come.”
  • Shivika Sharma
    “The tenure at Rapidops has been full of learning. The level of interaction on multi-level, be it the top management or with the fellow employees helps a lot. Healthy work environment and the bosses are very friendly and caring. I feel great to be a part of Rapidops.”
  • Bhavika Jani
    “I feel immense pleasure and happiness while talking about Rapidops. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my teammates for the support that they have provided me. I always look forward to their guidance at work.”
  • Jinkal Bhorania
    “I am an introvert but I like my colleagues as they do not make me feel uncomfortable regarding the same. The work distribution is fair enough and I never feel any challenge when it comes to communicating with my colleagues.”
  • Vijal Patel
    “I didn’t find any hurdle within the organization and I have a very ambient bonding with every colleague of mine. As a working woman, Rapidops has always given priority to the job satisfaction and security of their employees regardless of their gender.”
  • Dhara Vamja
    “Although it’s been a short span in this organization but I feel the culture of the organization is highly motivating.”
  • Rupal Patel
    “As a female I have not come across to any negative points in Rapidops. As a matter of fact, I feel we all are given an equal opportunity.”

From Our CEO’s Desk (Mr. Samir Motwani)

I feel surprised and amazed when people call women weak, call them incompetent and then based on these negative perceptions they start treating them as a delicate “object”. No, I don’t think they are weak at all, they are no less than a man, I think they are better than us and they make us work harder to be more then what we are. As a CEO of the company, I would like to send a professional message out to the world that never have any perception of women. They are equal to us, and they can take on every challenge if the opportunity is provided to them!

Rapidops, Inc. as an organization!

On International Women’s Day, we would like to salute all the women around the world and will like to appreciate their contribution to making the world a better place. We feel proud that we have a team of brave hearts who are coming out of their comfort zone and are working with the same vigor that any man will show.

Happy International Women’s Day to All of you.


Saptarshi Das

I am a content writer and a geek in the digital marketing sense of it, who likes to read and write about revolution, expertise and startups.

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