Why App Security Should be Given Priority, Especially by Startups?

Saptarshi Das

If you own an Android smartphone, Beware! A new Android malware that has already breached more than 1 Million Google accounts is infecting around 13,000 devices every day.

Dubbed Gooligan, the malware roots vulnerable Android devices to steal email addresses and authentication tokens stored on them. –

App security is a critical aspect of making or breaking your brand name, any compromise on this front can hamper your organization’s overall image and in turn weaken your company’s goodwill. Results have shown that any app that has become popular in the past few years has become so because of great user experience along with better security to the user.

App Developers should keep one thing in mind, even after the app is released and is distributed to the users, app security and users credential security is still their concern. The role of the developer doesn’t end after the app is developed and released.

What countermeasures should be taken for developing a secure app?

  • Performing penetration tests by security experts on a regular basis
  • Track if remediation of the findings occur on a regular basis
  • Training the application developers and architects about secure development
  • Follow proper Security Development Lifecycle guidelines
  • Regular installation of updates, patches and hotfixes

How do Hackers infiltrate the smartphone?
Some of the ways that hackers have been using malware to infiltrate user’s credentials:

  • Linked Accounts
  • The share button on Social Media Sites
  • Apps that read your text input patterns
  • Many 3rd party budget calculating apps
  • And many more utility apps which ask for unnecessary access

The general population is unaware of the fact that the data in their smartphones is much more valuable than they anticipate. Once this data gets accessible to the unwanted sources in the open web, the risks are too huge to fathom.

  • Your geo-location gets compromised
  • Your financial credentials are at stake
  • If you use your mobile device for accessing the organization’s sensitive data then even your organization is at the risk of exposure to hackers

For a more clear picture let me add some data that I have collected from the report released by Ponemon Institute©. The report shows us a detailed and bigger picture, which majority of the user population misses out on, it showed the risk of corporate data breach that the employees introduced their enterprises to with the use of their mobile devices.

  • The study was based on 588 IT and security leaders from 2000 companies.
  • $26.4 million, yes that is the amount of damage the employees exposed the enterprises to
    67 percent of the organization run the risk of mobile data breaches.
  • More than 50 percent data that is accessible on a desktop is available on mobile devices.
  • Average of $9,485 is spent per device to scan and remediate mobile malware-infected devices.
  • 36 percent respondents were confident that the organization was taking a proper measures to counter the breach in the organization’s sensitive and confidential data which is easily accessible by the employees.

Final Words

App security should be the most critical priority for any organization that provides mobile app development services to its client. As the number of smartphone device increases in the market, the population will face the more security threats. And the hacks and malware attacks that are taking place every now and then make app security the priority for any enterprise. Hackers are on the lookout for smartphones that have poor security, which can be used for planting malware by the hackers.

Startups should not ignore the factor of application security. It should be the priority factor. However, taking effective steps toward secure software does not have to come with a hefty drain on the startup’s budget or productivity levels.

As a mobile app development company, we understand the necessity of app security in today’s digital era and hence we develop highly secure and scalable app for our digitally empowered customers. If you have any questions regarding application security or are looking to collaborate with an organization which can take care of the overall mobile app development part for you then do contact us.


Saptarshi Das

I am a content writer and a geek in the digital marketing sense of it, who likes to read and write about revolution, expertise and startups.

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