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Raas-Garba Celebration at Rapidops – The Real Essence of Gujarat

Saptarshi Das

At Rapidops we believe that celebrations are best celebrated amongst those who are closest to your heart, i.e family and friends. And we have always inculcated friendliness in our company’s working environment.

Garba_ImageWith that spirit in mind, this Garba celebration was kick started at 7:30 PM, where employees, former employees and other guests danced gracefully and shared their moves and grooves.

PriceDistributionThe revelry continued till 11:00 PM in the night. And yes there were prizes for those who mesmerized everyone with their dance.

The best performer in the male category were Mr. Anand Vora and for female category the prize went to Mrs. Khushboo Patel.

What fun is it, if you arrive with the motive of “dressed to kill”, and your effort does not pay off. In this case, it did pay off for Mr. Jay Gandhi  & Mr. Samir Patel (ex-employee) who won the prize for best-dressed dancer category. For the female category, Mrs.Nimisha Bhut bagged the prize.

Mr. Minank Mori & Mrs. Nidhi Mori won the prize for Best Dance Couple.

We at Rapidops, always try to provide an enjoyable and refreshing workplace environment to our employees, which is an astonishing paradigm for employee empowerment and enthusiasm.


Saptarshi Das

I am a content writer and a geek in the digital marketing sense of it, who likes to read and write about revolution, expertise and startups.

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