Mobile Devices Are Transforming Into Purchasing Aid

Saptarshi Das

In this technologically advanced era where shoppers look for the best user experience while using any app and the option of accessing millions of apps has made it very tough to attract any shopper. There is a portion of the crowd that opts for in-store shopping, but even they like to have access to different apps so that they have numerous options while shopping, making your shopping app visible to the shoppers is a tedious task. It is a major challenge to engage the shoppers on your mobile app.

Recent research published by beacon and location intelligence company, InMarket discusses about the mobile activity of in-store customers, covering the various that they use while in store. The interesting fact is that most of them were using apps related to shopping, but surprisingly only a small proportion used the retailer’s or the shop’s own app. The shopping activities included using a shopping list, reviews, price comparison, or communication related to purchase decisions.


55% of shoppers use apps while in-store, but just 8% use actual store’s app. If we bifurcate the 55%, 28% of the shoppers were looking at the shopping list, and 14% were discussing purchasing decision with another person, either through messages or calls and are followed by messaging apps, and then for listening to music. Respectively, 14% and 12% of mobile users engaged to mobile use this way, which amplifies shopping and purchase-related activities three times more common.

Fascinatingly, the use of social media was just 4% of in-store mobile use whereas mobile games seized 1%. These two categories would notch higher if the survey was about mobile use in additional situations, accenting how diverse in-store mobile usage is to other milieus.

These principal usages of mobile in-store were identified by this study which included

  1. Shopping activities (55%)
  2. Messaging unrelated to shopping (14%)
  3. Listening to music (12%)

The study points out that shoppers are using their mobile devices for making purchase related decisions while shopping, and the use of other utilities such as gaming, listening to music or interacting on social media platforms provided by mobile devices is less in the shopping scenario.

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Saptarshi Das

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