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Industrial Visit of MCA Students from Nirma University at Rapidops

Sruti Raizada

As a part of industry exposure program, 60 students from Nirma University, MCA 4th Semester visited Rapidops on March 8th, 2017.

During the industry visit, students were divided into groups of two. They were shown the various departments and interacted with the department heads to gain knowledge regarding the latest industry trends of how organizations actually work on daily basis.

As an IT company, we took this opportunity on our stride and arranged various sessions where the students interacted with our CEO, CTO and Product Manager. They shared their views and working styles with the students.

The various interactive sessions included Q&A with students briefed them about startups, various aspects of the development process. The students were delighted with the interaction and were asking different questions like how the software industry works and how they can be industry-ready when they are done with studies etc.


To start off the day and to break the ice with the students of the University, Khyati Pandya (HR Manager, Rapidops) took a small session about the way HR department works for strengthening the human workforce of any organization.

Other sessions that were conducted during the visit are as follows:

Agile and Scrum Overview by Mr. Nirav Patel (Project Manager, Rapidops)

Agile Scrum Methodology (Daily Standup) by Mr. Dipesh Patel (CTO, Rapidops)

How To Be Industry Ready by Mr. Samir Motwani (CEO, Rapidops)

To sum it up, the visit was a practical workshop of agile and scrum methodology, that was showcased to the students to make them understand the daily scrum process. The students were educated regarding the various industry requirements, the technologies Rapidops working with.

Mr. Samir Motwani took one more interesting session to highlight if anyone should plan their own startup or not. In the end, the company is sure that the students got the best industry insights that will help them in deciding their future path.

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Sruti Raizada

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