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Celebrating 7 years of marvellous journey

Shailee Parikh

5th May 2008, the day when three friends; Dipesh Patel, Samir Motwani and Jayesh Mori together laid the foundation of Rapidops Solutions with the vision to create globally trusted “Digital Product Development Company.” The trio initiated the venture with the clarity of long term goals and mission to empower the world with breakthrough digital innovations.

And since then, the team has grown leaps and bounds by acquiring expertise on new technologies and delivering market leading solutions to more than 1000 customers. This accomplishment and immense joy of stepping into 8th year of continual success story of Rapidops Solutions definitely calls for a big celebration.

‘Let’s celebrate our roller coaster ride grandiosely together’ – the celebration was held on 9th May 2015 at renowned Encore Discotheque in Ahmedabad. The event got started with award ceremony, where the creative minds, leaders, great initiators and loyal partners were presented awards and deeply appreciated by the whole team.

Here are the words shared by ones who were recognized as great talent and asset to the organization.

awards distribution

Pritesh Gajjar: “I like to take this opportunity to thank Rapidops for giving me ‘The Best Motivator and Leadership Award’, and allowing me to show the hidden strength and abilities I had within me. This was only possible due to the wonderful team, who in return showed trust and confidence in me to fulfill this role. Let’s work together and make more progress in creating more opportunities for the company growth.”

Amit Pandya: “I got an award for last 5 years of service and dedication at Rapidops. I am thankful to the founders who have put trust in my capabilities. I have evolved and gain confidence from hours and days and weeks and years of constant work and dedication and I believe that’s the reason of getting this wonderful token of appreciation.”

Chintan Pandya: “I would like to thank Rapidops Solutions for giving me wonderful award for my services and dedication since last 5 years. Rapidops has given me platform where I can execute and grow my skills. The work culture is awesome. All members of the organization; from Top to bottom, are like a family — Together we are Better.”

Ashish Panchal: “I feel very delighted for getting rewarded as ‘The Best Executor and Goal Achiever’ at Rapidops. I will continue my endeavor for organization’s better growth in future.”

Kavan Shah: “First expression while hearing my name for award was: Really? Wow! I am feeling so good. The only reason of having this honor is friends & family I am working with. I would not call them colleagues because they are really more than just peers. Every morning (Monday to Friday) when I wake up, I love to be here with you guyz and that makes me better person. I have not seen this kind of friendly atmosphere in any organization before. Feeling proud to be the part of the team. Thank you so much and lot’s of love. “

Moreover, Co-Founders of the organization shared their plans and vision of coming years and encouraged everyone to achieve it with more enthusiasm.

Samir Motwani & Dipesh Patel

Samir Motwani: “We do want to grow from 70 people to 7000 workforce but not merely by adding numbers. We want leaders in our company to build 70 people team under them and empower team members achieve their own dreams.”

Dipesh Patel: “The journey truly has been a roller coaster ride. We failed, learnt and rebuild our dreams with more zest for success. I would like to thank the entire team and appreciate Chirag Shah, Rajiv Singh, Hardik Bhut, krishnal Jadav and many more to build our dream venture with mere passion. We are constantly growing and achieving new heights to become the most advanced technology solution provider.”

As soon as the award ceremony came to an end, our enthusiastic dancers, singers, dramatists took over the stage. This fun filled activity brought out hidden talents of our employees and created much stronger rapport among each-other. What’s more, the fun never ends without letting your hair down. DJ Samir played some groovy numbers and everyone set the stage on fire. It was truly an amazing ambiance.

Ending notes:

The thought provoking conversations and fun filled events ended with sumptuous dinner. Indeed, the entire event truly filled the atmosphere with high spirit and excitement to reach the heights of success in the coming future.



Shailee Parikh

I am a marketing enthusiast, who likes to try out disruptive ideas and deliver them effortlessly. Reading and writing about innovation, technology and startups interests me.

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