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“A Ray Of Hope“– An initiative to spread Joy

Shailee Parikh

One day I and few of my colleagues were talking about problems and hardships we face in life. During the conversation, we realized that sometimes our problems are small and still it’s hard for us to find positive outlook towards life, then how difficult it would be for those who do not have even basic amenities and are sometimes suffering from deadly illness for which they are truly helpless.

We then indulged into discussing about various organizations and groups who provide financial and other form of support to such needy and underprivileged people.  And then there was also a question of trust to such organizations. Few of our team mates do not help people via such organizations but do help independently to make sure that their help reaches to the needy ones.

And an idea hit us; how about forming our own group to help needy people around us? We unanimously concluded that we should have one team within the organization who conducts various projects over a period of time and make it a habit as well to help such people in whatever way we can.

We brainstormed and put all of our ideas on paper.

We found that the fundamental need of being positive is to be hopeful. People irrespective of their financial and mental condition do need “hope” to be optimistic. And that very purpose of igniting hope among people became our objective of the initiative called “A Ray of Hope” – “Ummeed”.

As it was the month of December, we planned to execute our first project on Christmas evening, having the theme of spreading joy to kids and of-course igniting hope.

The project “It’s Magic” kick-started with great enthusiasm.

We formed 25+ volunteers team to plan, manage and deliver the various tasks under project “It’s Magic.”

Below mentioned are the details of event.

  • We collected  Rs.18,150 and company contributed Rs. 9,075 summing up together Rs. 27,225. We had kept transparent collection box keeping anonymity intact for raising fund. And we were so glad to see such HUGE collection from within the organization.
  • Based on the budget, we created one hamper consisting of those things which can give party like feeling to street kids. So the hamper was made up of newly bought Blankets, Caps, Slippers, MacVaggies, Frooties, Muffins and Santa Caps.
  • The core team “A Ray of Hope” – “Ummeed” received overwhelming response for volunteers which were around 25 for the planning and executing the entire project.
  • We all brainstormed on what localities we should visit. Everyone formed small teams and visited many localities to check how many kids resides in that area, what is the condition they live in and of what age they are. As we wanted to give hampers to those who actually need it, we identified one slum area behind YMCA club and few kids near IIMA area.
  • On 24th evening, all volunteers were divided in 2 teams and started the mission called “it’s Magic” for Christmas celebrations.

Get glimpse of joy and happiness we all could create with kids.

Celebrating Christmas Evening with Street Kids
Amazing experience it was for all of us. Kids’ smiles worked like magic for all of us. And we are sure that the kids as well enjoyed the experience and moments receiving hampers.

I would like to conclude it by sharing our biggest learning from this experience.  “Find joy and happiness in small things, and no worry can hold you back from being happy. “


Shailee Parikh

I am a marketing enthusiast, who likes to try out disruptive ideas and deliver them effortlessly. Reading and writing about innovation, technology and startups interests me.

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